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It was Sunday. The day of the family gathering. I had suggested that the entire family should meet up before the wedding so everyone could be acquainted before the actual wedding. I was excited and nervous at the same time because I was a really good people person so socializing wasn't an issue but I was nervous because Cassey's family were mostly rich people.

I wasn't stereotyping anyone but, rich people were known to be really snobby and seeing how Mrs. Reed already didn't seem to fancy me much, it wouldn't be shocking if the rest of the family didn't either. All I could do now was to cross my fingers and pray that they did or else the rest of my life was going to be very uncomfortable.

"Oooooooo this is gonna be sweet!" Cian squealed as she played with the switch that rolled the glass dividing us and the driver.

"What makes you say that?"

"Girl the fact that we're being dropped by a limo makes it sweet already!"

"You're ridiculous," I said smiling at her.

"Excuse me ma'am but can you please stop playing with that?" The driver told Cian. I giggled at Cian's face as she stuck out her tongue and mouthed What ever at the driver.

I looked out the window and saw huge houses with magnificent lawns. They were beautiful. All had well manicured lawns with millions of different flora, huge galleries and gates that towered over us. It reminded me of houses I had seen in movies, where rich people would pay millions for their lawn to get like that but hardly ever did anything on them. Kind of a waste of time but I guess looks are all that matter to them. There wasn't anything like this in Brick Lane.

We were definitely now in Kensington now.

"We are here" The driver announced as he made a right turn. We stopped at a gold gate which had  gold metallic flowers intwined it. A loud buzz rang and the gate began to open and we drove in. A tall fountain with white angels pouring water out of bejeweled jars stood in the center of the drive way and orchids lined the edge of it.

We stopped in front the house and the driver opened the door for us. As we stepped out the car, the  door of the mansion opened and out came Cassey. He had on a polo shirt with a black jeans. He greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and shook Cian's hand and introduced himself then invited us inside.

Cian became mesmerised by the house's beauty and found it hard to keep the ooh's and aaahh's to herself. Cassey smiled proudly, knowing his house was beautiful and was ready to show it off but I dismissed it and suggested that he took us to where his family were.

He escorted us to the gallery where everyone was already enjoying the food and music. People danced and laughed while others sat eating. Children played games and showed off their newest toy while others sat at the pool flirting with what most likely were their long distant cousins.

I was also able to spot Cassey's mother sitting having a conversation with other elderly women. She glimpsed at me but quickly turned away and shoo shooed something to her friends. I bet it wasn't somethings nice.

"Can I have everyone's attention?" Cassey shouted grabbing my hands. Everyone spun around and fixed their eyes on him. "I would like you all to meet my future wife, Zahra"

"Hi" I shyly said waving to them.

Instantly everyone applauded and many came to say congratulations. Some even hugged me and welcomed me to the family. Soon I was having fluent conversation with Cassey's cousins and playing with the children. I was elated to know Iwas already accepted and all my nervousness melted away.

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