Chapter 29

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(Mira's voice) "Alright so let's get you catched up. Juvia leaves her home for a few weeks with Jack who was supposed to be the love of her life , only for her to find out he was a hunter and after Natsu for revenge because Juvia was his mate and because it's part of the big prophesy we'll find out later on about ."

"Now the other thing that's really important for you to know is that Natsu got shot with ancient unscripted arrows that sent him into a trance and the only person he could communicate with was Juvia? We all know she's his mate but the question is why exactly her if Juvia is human...or so we all thought."

Mira's voice: "Let's all not forget that at the beginning Gray and Juvia shook hands and Juvia felt an electric spark."

Gray's voice: "Now that you're all caught up on with the chapter."

'How...?' Was all I could think. 'How are we going to get out of this illusion dream thing ....?' I look at Natsu he's starring at me . Looking directly into my eyes. 'How are we even breathing under water?' He had a point. "I don't know..." I say. "Juvia ." Natsu calls my name firmly . "Yes?" I look up at him. But he didn't get to finish all the sudden the chains broke, causing an explosion and me and Natsu separate into different parts of the ocean.

(A/N This is basically where all hell breaks loose and plot twists pop out like jack in the box just like this next pov change :)  -Sincerely Author-San )

Natsu's P.O.V  :

I suddenly wake up gasping for air . My vision is blurry and my hearing is very heightened I hear everything too loud. I sit up and I look around to see Mira Jane's concentrated face with her eyes closed chanting a spell holding Gray, Erza, and Lucy's hands allong with Lyon as well around me and Juvia. We're in the same bed, while they're all on the floor.

Juvia is unconscious beside me and she's starting to look pale . Her body is sweaty and her hair is a darker shade of blue and there's something glowing in her chest that I can't quite grasp. What could it be..? Her eyelids looked as if they wanted to open up but they couldn't. Then it all clicked , she was struggling to wake up out of that trance we both seemingly were stuck in.

I grab her hand and hold it. It was cold awfully cold . Almost as cold as death. She was struggling. But my girl was a fighter. I knew she had to get up. She would wake up. Juvia was strong she's gonna get through this. Suddenly the chanting stopped. Mira gasped.

"Why'd you stop?" Gray said he sounded irritated and mad. Angry. "I can't track her spirit. It's almost as if she doesn't wanna be found ." She says sounding exhausted. "Keep going! We can't leave her stuck in that place!" Lyon shouts desperately.

"It's not that simple. The energy is sucked out of both of us ,we already used too much trying to get Natsu out." Lucy said tired as well. "Well who's idea was that?!" Shouted Lyon once again. "We actually need him , he's part of the prophesy , he's important. She isn't she's just some new addition that wasn't even supposed to happen." She sounded annoyed. I'm guessing none of them realized I had woken up yet. So I decided to speak up. 

"What prophecy?" I got off the bed . They all stood up. "Good you're up." Said Gray , he pulled Erza close to him. Erza leaned herself on him and looked at Lucy. "Tell him what you told us ." She said demandingly. "Natsu ,you're a big part of why all hunters are coming together to hunt us suddenly." She says. "Get to the point Slutfilia." I say already irritated. My mate was far more important than this.

"You're not exactly a vampire. You're far greater than that. You're completely demon and the most feared one. You're a ticking time bomb from the inside. Anything too much for you can trigger what you have inside." She says fear in her eyes. I roll mine. "And what exactly is that?" I don't exactly believe in all this stupid shit. Juvia is in danger of not waking up and that's all that matters to me.

"E.N.D." Is all she says. "Gray-" I'm cut off . " It's all true ." He says . I nod. "We're all part of something greater than we thought. And Erza is supposed to have a child of mine apparently." He says shocked as well.

"What about Juvia?" I ask. "She's your mate. But she's also the key to waking E.N.D , which is why these hunters shot you with those arrows. The spell was made long ago.  To make sure the key was put away and not let her wake up and E.N.D doesn't wake . Some ancient witches are looking for her. Because her blood is what's supposed to wake E.N.D . You'll turn evil drain her dry and then unleash the beast inside you ." Erza explains . Fear , concern and sadness clear on her face.

This is all just coming down like an explosion of news at once. This is all too much. "The trance was supposed to keep you both asleep. But Mira found a way to get you out . Juvia's spirit apparently doesn't wanna come back to her body though. Which is bad.  She could be anywhere. " Gray said worriedly.

"She was with me . There was water. I think we were in the ocean. I was chained up and she found me. " I say remembering what happened. "You both were in peace." Mira finally spoke up. "Your spirits were so connected you found your way to each other and were at peace. The chains represent E.N.D's prison. Meaning there's still time before he tries to want to get out. " Mira says sighing deeply.

"So let me get this straight , E.N.D is inside me?" I ask confused. "You are E.N.D , this is your good side. You're a vampire with a soul. Ever since you and Juvia met she gave you the gift of having a soul. She's not human. She is a gift but also a key. Her parents tried to hide her from all this but died trying. She's pure. But you're not. And you're evil side loves her and that's the only thing that can stop all this from happening. That is until these idiot witches try and find a way to take your soul away. That's when E.N.D goes completely crazy and kills everyone because they made him kill the one thing he loves most." Mira says and puts her head down.

Lucy scoffs. "If anything she's just a distraction." Erza snaps back at her. "If anything you're just jealous that their love is stronger than anything . And also that you're not that special like she is. So unique and pure ." I hold back a chuckle. Erza was always very feisty. Lucy walks out. I'm glad she does. "The only way we can stop this is if we can find the witches before they try and take Natsu's soul away."

"Either way he's gonna go evil and kill everyone. He's basically the apocalypses personal ticking time bomb. " Lyon says . And even though I didn't wanna admit it. He's right.

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