Operation : Listen To Me Virus!

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No One's P.O.V.

The grand midnight-colored castle stood tall and proud, yet seemed rather creepy as well. The glowing, metallic green code continued to slither upwards of the palace walls. Sentinels patrolled their surroundings, hovering in and out through the virtual wall built only for dark code carriers to give access to entrance. To keep the pesky Guardians from just waltzing in through the front gates.

The devious virus king sighed as he sank into his throne. It has been only one single year since his last mischievous scheme. But it has felt like another century he's been trapped in a frozen state, only this time he had the 'freedom' to move about his castle as he pleases.

Not only has Megabyte been quarantined in his own 'humble' abode, he has been quarantined in his own 'humble' home with his overly dramatic sister, Hexadecimal. Her practice cackles through the holo-calls were terrible enough. Now he gets the opportunity to listen to his dear sister do all of her emotion routines all day, every day.

Megabyte was so desperate to get out, he would've taken any mission given from his fellow 'partner' at the moment. Even if it was to cause a minor distraction at risk of getting fragged in order for the Sourcerer to slip behind the cyber back door and snatch up whatever he wants from beneath the D.I.S.'s noses. Whether it was to release another cat virus into a data stream or to destroy the barriers and firewalls of a private network with his sister-virus. Megabyte would've done anything to escape this somewhat torture in his life.

As if on cue, a black-and-purple screen of static appeared before the bored virus. A man with a tired and forced grin was revealed, his hood pulled down, to show off his wild, purely black bed-head. His dead-like, stone-cold black eyes pierced Megabyte, sending the slightest cyber-chill down the conniving king's spine. But Megabyte managed to cover up his cower.

"After months of being imprisoned in my own palace, you finally come back calling me," he remarked, standing on his boots.

"You should be thankful I didn't delete you over that period of time," the man growled. "Grateful, happy."

"May I ask, why now, of all days must you require my effort, partner?"

The screen glitched and froze on such an angered face of the Sourcerer. Then it returned to normal. "I've already lost a significant... important... key part of my plan. Do not make me press that delete button, you. Or you will be fragged... eliminated... terminated."

Megabyte kept a blank face and gestured for his 'partner' to continue.

The superior one sighed before returning to his original thought. "Now for your treat... prize... freedom." The virus stood up straighter. "I will upgrade you and your sentinel army to enhance your chances of stopping those Guardians."

"Yes, yes, yes, the same routine as always-"

"But this time with a twist... a change... a tweak... capture the Guardians, at least one of them, and bring them to your palace. No harm except when necessary... required... needed... Is that clear, Megabyte?"

The virus chuckled lightly. "Crystal."

The corners of the Sourcerer's lips turned upwards a little. "Good. I want a progress report after this mission. You have twenty-four hours with these new powers. Fail to succeed, and with one push of a button, deletion for you. After that final threat, the screen blinked out of cyberspace.


At the Sourcerer's Hideout

With a loud grunt, the Sourcerer lifted an outdated computer above his head and angrily brought it down to the ground. The screen cracked from one corner to the other, and a side it chipped off. But the aggravated man didn't give his actions a second thought. The escape of his prisoner affected his plan greatly. His plan to plunge the world into darkness, or in his words, the glorious days before those wretched technological advancements.

He kicked another keyboard, smashing it into the wall. A button flew off the board and landed elsewhere, softly hitting against a metal object. The Sourcerer followed the sound to the far corner of the hideout. A high-tech cylindrical case that stood at least six feet tall reflected the Sourcerer's face. The door open just a crack, and inside it was filled with nothing. The man grabbed the nearest tool, a hammer, he could lay his hands upon and used it to hit the case with all the strength left inside of him. The head of the hammer barely did any damage and bounced off the surface of the cylinder. He then threw the hammer backwards, not even caring where it would end up, and banged his own two aching fists against the glass in anger.

The Sourcerer knew he tried everything to track down the missing material - hidden tracking devices, pinpointing its location by searching for its energy, simply checking the news for any sight of it. But alas, his and his own brother's creation, in which the Sourcerer believed it was rightfully his, has escaped... disappeared... vanished.

"Breaking news! Reports of a mysterious, crime-stopping hero has been spotted here."

The Sourcerer perked up his head and immediately returned to his seat. His eyes locked onto the miniature, hand-constructed television screen as he saw a reporter at a familiar location. His slender fingers shakily turned the volume knob up.

"For the last few weeks, criminals would escape, then police would find them tied up and ready to be taken back to jail. No one knew who this mysterious heroine was, until now."

The screen changed to a kid's video feed from their phone. Down by a skatepark, he and his friends were backing away from a man in all black, a robber's mask covering his face. He had a sack slung over his shoulder, seemed to be full of values, but he was calling for more back-up to escape. In his other hand, he gripped a little girl's pigtail, who tried to squirm away towards the camera. No one dared to get any closer, or speak at all.

Suddenly, the robber was pushed to the ground as a teenager skated in and flipped over him, pulling the little girl to her chest. The camera quickly whipped over to see a full view of the teenage girl. She had a long blond ponytail, black-and-purple clothes that made her seem like she was wearing a mission suit, and rollerblades on her feet. She landed flawlessly in front of the young cameraman and revealed a black masquerade mask covering part of her face.

She smiled warmly. "I believe she is yours," she said, handing the little girl to the teenager.

"Thank you for saving my sister," he whispered.

"No problem," she replied. "Now I have some business to take care of."

The mysterious hero (A/N Not as in the Mysterious Hero from that other Wattpad book, but check it out) skated over to the robber. The man took something out of his sack; a knife. Everyone gasped and backed up, but the skatepark gates were locked and the area was rather small for a cage fight. The only one who wasn't scared wasn't even the criminal, it was the daredevil on rollerblades.

The robber began to slash at her, but the girl dodged flawlessly. She would spin or slide out of the way of the blade, continuously tiring out the man, but didn't even break a sweat herself. She seemed as if she were dancing and fighting at the same time.

Finally, she slid under the villain and came up behind him. Then kicked the knife out of his hand upwards, catching it by  the handle, thankfully. She pointed the knife towards the robber's neck, but didn't get closer than about six inches.

"Do you yield?" She growled. The captive criminal, too scared to say anything, nodded yes. The peoples' savior reached into her pocket and pulled out handcuffs. She dropped the knife on the ground and placed her foot on top to prevent the man from an escape attempt. "Turn around," she commanded. He obeyed.

The clicks of the handcuffs safely around his wrists made the audience cheer. The police arrived and dragged the robber away, not before shaking hands with the town's new hero and taking the knife with them. Once the cops were gone, the little girl ran up to her and hugged her legs. "Thank you for res-que-wing me," She babbled.

The smile returned to the teenage girl's face as she slipped out of the little one's arms. "Your welcome."

The camera moved closer to her face. "Who are you?" The teenage boy managed to squeak out after such excitement.

A mysterious teen smirked. "Call me the 'Bionic Blade'." Then, she vanished into thin air.

The video was cut and the Sourcerer turned the T.V. off. He felt himself smirk, only in an evil way.

"Time to pay a visit to my old town. And to my sister-in-law and her son."

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