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A month later...

"This is beautiful!" Kamila gasped.

"You can say that again." Mare gazed at the interior of the spa. Kamila was about to say it again but, Audrey and I stopped her.

Regan thought it would be a great idea and that all the girls, including my Mom and Janet to have a ladies night out at the spa. She wanted to make me feel comfortable as well as make new friends. She didn't have many friends outside of work. We've all been hanging out a lot since Reagen wanted to get to know us better.

We were all taking in the interior of the building. Beautiful was an understatement. This was luxurious. It had an ancient feeling with modern intricates. There wasn't a speck of dust anywhere. The all white with brown adding a contrast and the marble floor was tiled checkered with white and brown. The dome-shaped ceiling had a window that let the moon shine through. The lighting had a purple dim to it. There were fountains in the walls and soft music playing creating a soothing atmosphere. 

Regan came back from the front desk. "Alright. We got the Day of Indulgence spa package." She listed off everything we would be doing which was relaxation massage, spa facial, classic manicures and pedicure, and etc. It all sounded so expensive and there were so many of us.

My Mom happened to be thinking the same thing. "We can't let you pay for all this by yourself."

"I'm not. Jaxon is."

"What?" We all said in unison.

"Yeah, he said something about all of us needing to relax." Regan discretely looking at me.

Lately, I just got over an overload of tests and I had to cram study a lot since they wanted to announce it late. Jaxon told me to relax but, I couldn't. I was used to putting my head in a book and turning in my assignments on time.

"How much is it?" I inquired.

"I don't know. He didn't tell me."

"Well, that was nice of him," Abella said. A lady walked out and directed us to a changing room so we could change into robes.

"Kimora, do you need help changing into your robe?" Abella smirked but, then it fell.

"No, thank you." I giggled, tying my robe around my waist.

"Damn, I was too late."

Audrey, Kamila, and Mare came into the room, eating a small plate of fruits. "If you look on the back, it has your name in pink," Mare explained with a mouthful of pineapples.

"Really?" I looked in a mirror and she was right. However, mine said Kitten. I was going to kill Jaxon when I saw him.

"Awww... isn't this cute."

All of us grew alert, turning to Maddy, Brooke, and Ariana standing together in their own white robes. She didn't appear as if she just had crawled out of the grave. I wanted her to stay there so bad.

"I wouldn't have come if I did expect it you three would be here." I crossed my arms.

Maddy smiled sweetly. "Good to see you out of the hospital. How are your wounds?"

"Great," I replied without missing a beat.

"That's nice to hear." Her eyes moved from me to Abella. "Who are you?"

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