Chapter 28

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Chapter 28 :Pt.1 "Lucid Dreamers"

I'm floating. My eyes are closed but I'm somehow a bit conscious. I'm floating that's all I feel. Floating around something soft . Soft and wet. And then it hit me . Water .My eyes shot open. I take a moment for my eyesight to adjust and I then slowly take in my surroundings. I'm underwater.

But how can I breath underwater...? Unless...this is a dream. But what does it mean. It all seems so real. I can feel everything. My senses , it's almost as if I'm wide awake. "Via...Juvia...Juvia..." I hear a familiar voice calling my name. "Juvia..." Natsu. I start searching around but I can't seem to find him. "Natsu!"

My scream sounded echoed just like his . "Juvia ...where are you...?" I hear him screaming , it was almost desperate. Lost. "Natsu! Where are you?" I scream starting to panic. "Follow your heart." I hear him say. 'Follow my heart .' I think to myself. I suddenly just do as the voice told me and I start feeling something in my chest telling me to go straight further into the water .

"Juvia!" The calling gets louder and more clearer . I try and swim faster and finally see him. He was tied in chains that had fire. But this fire was different it was a light bright blue. I finally am face to face with him and my instincts tell me to just grab his face and kiss him and that's exactly what I did.

"I'm here." I say and after that I kiss him . He rests his hands on both sides of my face and kisses me back. When we kissed the chains for some reason starting to crackle up with electricity. "I guess we have chemistry." He says in attempt at making a joke. I look at him not amused. "We need to get you out of these and fast before something bad really starts happening." He nods. "Inscriptions."

I look at him. "What?" He lifts his wrists and I look at the chains . "Oh." The chains apparently had some type of Latin inscriptions engraved on them. "Any idea what they mean."
"Nope." And the truth was I really didn't. Guess I'd fail badly if I was a witch.

"We need to figure something out and quickly." Natsu says and I nod. "Also, Juvia?" He says. "Yes , Natsu?" I ask him back. "How is it that we're breathing under water...?"

To be continued...

Don't worry guys this is just the beginning also I'm pleased to say that we're probably making a sequel to this book but obviously I will dedicate more time and effort into it so that way you guys can have chapters more frequently at least an update of a chapter or two every week  . Please comment and vote , I love to read your thoughts and reactions and if you'd like to give some suggestions I'm open for that as well. You guys are so awesome and amazing , I love you all so much and it's because of you guys that the book make it to highest ranking #1 in #natsuxjuvia and #lockser. I seriously couldn't have done it without you guys once again thank you all so much. <3

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