Flashback and lots of tears

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Chapter 1:- Flashback and lots of tears

*Riley’s POV*

I just stood there staring ahead trying to block everything out while the tears where streaming down my face; I can still remember it as if it happened an hour ago.


I woke up coughing so hard I thought I was going to cough a lung out. All I could see is thick black smoke then I heard Nicole yelling from the other side of the door “Riley! Riley wake up we have to get out, the house is on fire!” hearing those words I stood up quickly and opened the door.

“Come on we have to get out now “yelled Nicole.

“What about mom and dad?” I asked.

“Dad is getting mom now come on” Nicole replied.

I heard sirens and I knew immediately that the ambulance and the firemen arrived. Me and Nicole hurried downstairs and out the front door were paramedics rushed to us and started putting oxygen masks on our faces and checking us for injuries; but then I remembered……

I quickly took the oxygen mask off and started running towards the house “Where are you going?” Yelled Nicole worry evident in her voice.

“Mom and dad are not out yet they are still in there!” I yelled back. I didn’t wait turn around to see what was happening behind me all that was in my mind is mom and dad. I struggled up to my parent’s room but there was something blocking the door that’s why they couldn’t get out I am guessing it was part of the roof that fell due to the rising flames of the fire.

“Mom, dad can you hear me?” I yelled panic rushing through me.

“Honey! Get out of here with Nicole we love you forever and always remember I love you baby girl I don’t think we can make it take care!” was my dad’s response

“No! Mom, dad please don’t die I love you” I yelled before a fireman carried me out of the house and that’s all I remember before everything went black.

I woke up in the hospital a day after to hear the shocking news… my parents were dead! Nicole and I survived and had minor injuries.

*end of flashback*

And here we are a week later at my parent’s funeral. Oh! I forgot to introduce myself well here goes nothing.

I am Riley Stone daughter of Peter Stone a very well known and rich business man in England. I was born in London and I am 15 years old I also have a sister called Nicole she is 20 years old. Oh and both my parents died in a house fire on August 4.

Nicole and I bought another house in London and according to the will me Riley Stone and my sister Nicole Stone are the heirs of the stone business so now we are responsible in keeping our dad’s business running; We also got a lot of money that my parents left for us and not to sound cocky or anything but  we already had a lot of stuff because my parents loved to spoil us every now and then and now add the money to the mix  let’s just say we don’t have to worry about money but we are very down to earth girl not like most rich people.

Wait it’s time for me to say my speech so I shakily went up and started “Mom, dad you were the best parents in this whole wide universe and I love you both so much I will never forget you, you made me who I am and honestly you are the best and I am proud to say that I am your daughter. I promise to visit and don’t worry I will always be your baby girl I love you, you will always be in my heart. I hope that you are proud of me and Nicole and as you always said dad “Stay strong and smile” but this is not goodbye because goodbye means forgetting and I’ll never forget you. I love you.” With that I went back to my seat sobbing hysterically as for the ceremony the rest was just a blur as me and Nicole were crying so hard it was like the Niagara Falls. After the funeral ended we hopped in the car with my aunt heading to her house as we were staying there until our new house is fully furnished and ready. I already knew that this will be all over the news tonight after all dad was very known and of course they had to have pictures and videos of the funeral and our house during the fire. Damn you paparazzi!!.

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