"I don't know what you're talking about." Cracking her long whip once more, Selina Kyle, otherwise known as the infamous 'Catwoman' moved towards the officer that was tied to a chair, running her claws across his cheek with a seductive smile. Selina had been following up a case now for a few days about a new villain in town by the name of 'Phobia'. The interesting part of this person's case was the fact this newbie was a woman and in Selina's opinion, she figured another woman in the criminal field could go one of two ways; the first and the one she was hoping for was that she would be able to gain a valuable ally, the other way things could go was a less desirable way. She wasn't in the mood to deal with a rival, 

"Now, now, surely you know something." Selina smiled lightly, "A name even?" The officer took a small breath and Selina could almost smell the fear on him, 

"Okay, okay. The girl's name is Lilah Doute. She was Carmine Falcone's stepdaughter." He said, "Now let me go." Selina took a step back, her eyes locked onto the officer, Lilah Doute? A pretty name. 

"And her file?" She purred, tilting her head in a playful manner,

"In the cabinet behind you." The officer sighed, "With Floyd Lawton's." He said. Selina moved towards him, she had heard of Floyd Lawton, he was a pretty talented assassin that went by the name of Deadshot, 

"Why would it be with his?" She asked. Generally, these files where placed in alphabetical order, or they were placed in groups according to criminal alliances. The police weren't nearly as dumb as they looked. But by all means, that didn't mean they weren't stupid, 

"They were a couple eight years ago. Jim Gordon believes that they're together again and are working together.." The officer answered like the good little pig he was, "Now please, let me go. I have a kid and a wife." He pleaded pathetically. Selina ignored him, moving towards the cabinet and pulling out both Deadshot's and Phobia's file, "I'm warning you. Jim Gordon said that there's no good left in Phobia. No kindness, no love. Only a monster." He said in a feeble attempt to try to scare her. All he managed to do was intrigue Selina more. 

"I'll be seeing you around." She cooed, stepping towards the window and jumping out, landing perfectly on the grass below. She was lucky enough to have known where Deadshot and his gang of friends hung out and she was hoping that she would get to meet this Phobia woman. Phobia and Deadshot? Clearly these people aren't very clever when it comes to names. Smirking, Selina stared straight ahead, climbing into her (stolen) car and driving off down the street. The least Deadshot and Phobia could have done was at least picked names that matched each other. It wasn't too much further, they had picked a pretty simple place to use as their 'lair'. One that she could easily break in to. 

Stopping the car, she slipped out, tossing the keys as she stepped towards the old abandoned building the assassins were using. Using the concrete fence to push herself upward, she caught onto the balcony, before pulling herself up onto it and moving towards the window. Peering through the old, cracked glass, Selina set her eyes onto Deadshot, who was wearing a stained, white singlet, black slacks and a black eye-patch, a dark brown haired woman known as Cheshire or Jade Nguyen, one of the deadliest assassins, skilled in both martial arts and poisons and a second man Selina didn't recognize with dark brown, near black hair and pale skin. He wore a black leather jacket and black jeans, seemingly in deep conversation with a very pissed off Deadshot. But the woman was nowhere in sight, flexing her writs, Selina smiled, there were still plenty of rooms to check. 

Opening the window as quietly as possible, she slipped into the warm room, moving across the support beam on all fours, listening carefully to what the three were saying, 

"I'm just saying Floyd, if you want to go run off into the sunset with some bitch, go ahead. Just make sure to leave me APR338 Sniper Rifle." The black haired man teased, earning himself a glare from Deadshot before he looked back down at the rifle in his hands, "Ignoring me now?' The black haired man asked, rising from his seat and picking up a glass of what Selina believed to be bourbon, 

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