Chapter 38

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I silently slipped into my closet and changed into a short emerald green night gown. I brushed my hair and took off my jewelry, leaving it on the bathroom counter. I walked out and slipped between the sheets of the great black bed and slid over to Nicolae. He opened his eyes on an intake of breath and found me with his beautiful blue eyes. I leaned over and caressed his face, kissing him lovingly. His hands came to my face and he kissed me back, passionately but with tenderness. "I'm glad you're home, Sasha," he whispered. "Me, too," I answered him.

To my delight he was already shirtless and I moved to lay on him. I folded my arms across his broad chest and laid my chin on them, smiling at him. He looked at me tenderly, tucking my hair behind my ears, as he listened in on the events of the night that I showed him; commenting along the way in his mind. He laughed out loud at my deception with Derrick, especially at how I had left a black thong for him. He pulled me to him to kiss me, enjoying the playfulness I had shown him. "You enjoyed that a little too much I think, Sasha," he said through a smile, while he flicked the tip of my nose gently with a finger.

I laughed but my mind turned serious, as I began thinking about how I had been missing his embrace lately. In reality it hadn't been that long, but for me it had felt like ages since he had held me. I laid my face on his chest as his arms came around me at the thought. He started stroking my hair, caressing the back of my neck with his fingers as he went. I closed my eyes, enjoying the intimate moment, as he shared his day with me as well. I drew patterns on his chest with my fingers, while I listened. His replaying of Lorie's bedtime had me laughing; she had been nagging for me to come and tell her another horror 'bedtime story.'

Nicolae's mind revealed just how much he appreciated my new connection with Lorie and that I would go and spend some free moments with her, growing our relationship. He credited my relationship with her, as the source for Lorie's dramatic behavioral change; she was even being nice to her nanny. As nice as she was capable of. His thoughts drifted back to the previous night where Drogo had intervened to save me from the armed Templar. He knew that I could have handled the situation but Nicolae's firm belief was that I shouldn't have to all the time; he was grateful for his brother's protectiveness and action in the moment, when he hadn't been there to help me.

I pressed a kiss to his chest, thinking about how it was ok that he wasn't there; that he couldn't always be the one to be there for me, protecting me as he liked to do. He smiled and pulled me up for a gentle kiss, accepting my consolation but still wishing that he could be. I felt his growing dread at the thought that I would be leaving for New York in a couple week's time. He was thinking about following me there, so that he could be there for me after Viktor left; so he could help me home. I smiled at the thought but also wanted to cry at it. I didn't want him to see me like that ever again; the image of the last time still hung in his mind.

My eyes were glassy, as I held his face and kissed him with all the longing I felt for him. His arms tightened against me, bringing me higher up to his lips as he kissed me back. I opened for him to slip his tongue inside of me. I couldn't decide whether I wanted him to take the lead and make love to me, or if I wanted to bring him all the pleasure I could. I opted for the latter and left his mouth to trail kisses down his chest, reaching to remove his pajama bottoms and staying there to tease and pleasure him with my mouth. Just before I brought him to completion, I returned to his mouth to love on him there, giving him a moment, caressing his chest with my hand.

I could sense the moment he was back under control so I slid on top of him, taking him deep inside of me, making him gasp as his blue eyes became heavy with the pleasure I watched cross his face. I listened in on the pleasure I was bringing him, as I moved on top of him, changing angles with his need, walking the fine line between drawing out his pleasure and tipping him over the edge. Moving over him, I couldn't reach his neck so I settled with biting him on his chest, drawing out more pleasure for both of us. I drank from him, even though I had had plenty a the frat party. That blood quenched a need but it would never come close to the flavor that Nicolae presented me with.

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