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C H A P T E R 1 4



The next day, I decided I would start doing Luna jobs. After being announced as the Luna, it is my job to protect the members in the pack. I asked Sky what I could do and she suggested going to the local nursery where lots of pack children and mothers go. I thought it was a brilliant idea.

With a happy smile, I head over to the nursery, with Raphael trailing behind me. Kaiden objected to me going alone so he ordered Raphael to accompany me. Not that I mind - I like Raphael. Whilst he mostly stayed quiet, Raphael was easy to talk to. He would listen without any complaint. I normally find myself opening up to him about my life with my mother.

It's slowly becoming easier to talk about my mother. I still think about her every day. I still wonder what she's doing, if she's okay. I just hope she isn't sad about me leaving. I hope she understands that I had to leave - that I had to explore the world. Maybe one day I will go back to my home for a visit.

"There was this one time an owl - or at least I think it was an owl - flew into my window. The poor thing had a broken wing. I nursed it back to health. That owl became my best friend for a short time until it left," I tell Raphael, recalling the owl from two years ago.

A smile slips itself onto Raphael's face. "What was its name?"


Raphael smiles fully this time. "Really?"

I nod my head, feeling embarrassed. "Yep. It felt like the right name."

"Sure, sure." Raphael chuckles. I slap his chest, feigning anger.

"Oh, is this it?" I ask Raphael, stopping outside of a big one-story building. The windows are decorated with stickers and the walls are painted in different colors. There is a lively atmosphere around here and I love it. I haven't spent much time with kids but I want to. They are all cute.

Raphael nods his head. I stare at the building in wonder and excitement. Today is the first day I officially take on being Luna. Today, I show the pack I can be a good Luna.

The doors to the nursery burst open and a heap of kids stumbles out, giggling madly. I watch them in fascination, smiling at their antics. A small brown haired boy tries to get a girls attention but fails miserably. Just as he's about to give up on her, she turns around and talks to him. His eyes light up; he moves closer to her. I refrain myself from 'awwing' at him. I wonder if they are mates.

Is it possible to find your mate at such a young age?

A young woman leaves the room after all of the mother's and walks over to us. Her brown eyes are trained solely on me. There's nothing malicious in her eyes but there is definitely something. A breeze blows her dark red hair in her pale face, causing her to annoyingly push it all away. Eventually, she stands in front of us with an expressionless face.

"Hello, Luna," she greets, in a polite but firm tone. Her eyes travel down my body briefly and then back up to my eyes. She presses her lips together, withholding whatever she wants to say. "It's a pleasure to meet you."

I give her a stiff nod. "Likewise," I lie through my teeth. I'm beginning to get the impression this woman doesn't like me.

An awkward silence passes over us for a moment as I rack my brain to find something to say. The woman, whose name I still don't know, matches my stare evenly.

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