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I helped Asia pack her leaflets.

Rias: Asia, Issei, you're giving out leaflets the last time.

Issei: What? why?

Rias: Devils respond to pacts, familiars spread the leaflets.

Asia: Familiars?

Rias: Yes, it's time for you, to get a familiar for yourself.

Then Kiba, Akeno and Koneko entered the room.

Akeno:Hello, what are you talking about?

Rias: Hello, I was just saying Asia and Issei,that it's time for them to get their familiars.

Everyone began to congratulate Asia and Issei.They also decided to show their familiars. Rias summoned a small bat, Akeno, a small cactus-like man. Koneko, a small, white, cute cat, and Kiba unfortunately did not have the opportunity to show his familiar, because Issei emphatically let him know that he does not really care.

 Asia:How can we get a familiar?

 Rias:It's very simple, we have to...

Then we heard a knock.

Akeno: Please come in!

A group of people came into the room, I know them, this is the school council with Sona Shitori and Shinra Tsubaki at the head.

Sona:I'm sorry to bother you.

Asia:Who is she?

Asia asked me quietly.

F/N: She is the chairwoman of thestudent council, Souna Shitori.

Rias: How can I help you?

Sona: We have recently gained new servants.I thought we could introduce them to them.

F/N: Servant?

Akeno: Her real name is Sona Sitri.She is a representative of one of the powerful devilish families.

F/N: So there are more devils here?

???: Did not you tell them about us, Rias? I was wondering why other devils ignore us.

It seems to me that this boy does not know who I am. Or rather, who I am NOT.

Sona: We agreed that we would not pay attention to ourselves. No wonder they did not know about you.

Issei: I know you, you are a new member of the student council.

Sona: Saji Genshiro, a pawn.

Sona told, pointing to the blond boy.

Rias: Issei Hyoudoualso a pawn, Asia Argento, abishop.

Saji: Wait, so who is this man?

He said pointing at me. I got up, went over to him and gave my hand.

F/N: My name is F/N. Mrs. Rias's helper.

Sona: Helper?

Rias: Yes, F/N is not my servant, but because of his skill he is with us.

Saji: Is he an ordinary man?

F/N: Not ordinary, if I wanted to, I would kill you with one move.

Saji:Do you think I'm afraid of you?

F/N: I do not know, but I know you should. 

The boy began to growl and wanted to throw at me.

Rias: I do not know how strong you are, Saji, but I'm not advised to fight with him.

Then the boy stepped back into his ranks.

Rias: Well, in any case, we were just planning to go after a familiars for my servants.

Sona: What? Well, we have a problem, because we had the same plans.

Rias: Well, once a month, only one group can go for the familiars.We will have to solve it somehow.

And they invented a tennis match.The idea was good, Akeno and Rias versus Sona and Tsubaki. The views were also quite nice ... The whole school came to watch this match, everything was fine until they started using magic.The match ended in a draw, so they decided to play dodgeball the next day.

As I do not officially belong to the Rias team, I was not allowed to play. It's a pity, I like to play dodgeball.Nothing interesting happened, apart from DESTROYING ALL THE GYMNASTIC HALL! Again, they started using magic, after the game I quickly left the hall, afraid that it would soon collapse. Issei was get hit in a tender place, but it is not important. The important thing is that Rias won and they have the priority in getting familiar.We returned to the club room, Akeno prepared a teleport for them.

Rias: I am sorry that you can not go with us.

F/N: Nothing happened, in the end, it's not my business. 

Rias: We'll be back soon, hold on.

F/N: Bye.

The whole team disappeared in the red glow.

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