Chapter 37

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I walked up to the frat house that was buzzing with life even on the outside. It was night and the party was in full swing. I had had an idea that morning on how to avoid suspicion of multiple deaths, feeling inspired, and had done some preparations earlier in the day, stashing what I needed on my person. Drogo had managed to score an invite to the party and he was already there. The whole invite thing amused me. Predators facilitating predators to converge in one area, like a watering hole, and any female with a nice ass was welcomed inside to be converged on. Which is exactly why I had chosen a mini skirt, knee-high tight boots with a tall heel and a deep blue corset that provided ample amounts of cleavage for roving eyes.

I walked up to the front of the house, flashing the door guards an alluring smile, while I ate them up with my eyes. One of the guards wanted to leave his post to follow me, after I ran a finger along his chest as I walked by. I would have been tempted to enjoy him before the brothers; he was very good looking. I passed into the house without a problem taking a drink from a guy who offered it. Several other alphas merged on me and I enjoyed flirting with them while my eyes casually took in the party, looking for my first target. I spotted him and excused myself from the group of guys around me.

He was a popular one, having several girls around him already. Nothing like competition to stir interest in a male, so I walked up to him to set the trap. The girls around him shot me dirty looks, trying to claim their hard-won territory. "Excuse me, but have you seen Loan? I thought he was going to meet me here tonight, but I haven't seen him," I said innocently, knowing full well that Loan wasn't at this party at the moment. I would have smelt him if he was. "No, sorry, haven't seen him." I gave a disappointed sigh saying, "He's the only one I know! Hugh, ok, well, thanks anyways."

I slowly turned after giving him an innocent smile and walked back over to the group of guys I had left. They enthusiastically welcomed me back into their fold. Now that I had the baby Templar's attention, he was picking up on the attention the other guys were showing me. Suddenly the girls surrounding him were boring because they were easy. I was openly flirting with a couple of the guys in particular; the biggest alphas of the group who were responding. I felt him come up behind me and talk with the guy I was leaning into, flirting. "Better lay off, Derrick, or Loan'll beat your head in. She's here for him."

I turned and scowled at the baby Templar saying sharply, "I never said I was here for him, just that he's the only one I know that was supposed to be here. I'm not Loan's." I gave him a dismissive perusal before I turned back to the group. He reached out and touched me saying, "Look, I'm sorry, I misunderstood, ok? I thought that if he had invited you here that you were his girl." I snorted and challenged him, "I decide who's girl I am, even if just for the moment. And since he decided to stand me up, I'm here on my own and can be with whoever I want; if I think they can handle me." I leaned in towards him and whispered the last part for just him, before I turned away from him.

"That so?" He challenged me. I gave him another perusal, "That's right." I turned back to the guy standing next to me that was getting an ego boost by my dismissal of the baby Templar. "You dance as well as you can verbally lash?" He challenged me again. I turned and looked at him, like I was evaluating him at last. "Better, but can you?" I challenged him back. He gave me a self-assured crooked smile and then drug me away from the other guys, towards the communal room that had been set up for dancing. It was darker in that room, with flashing lights roving around that did nothing to inhibit the activities happening in the dark.

I got right up in his space, moving against him in a provocative way, to the pounding tempo that filled the room and reverberated through-out the rest of the house. Reading his mind at what drove him crazy and what didn't affect him, I quickly narrowed down what he wanted. I had him already groaning in need before the end of the song, rubbing up against him in just the right way to tease him. My vampire eyes could see clearly in the dark and I picked out Drogo in the crowd. He was dancing with some other girl but he was keeping an eye on me while he was at it. I gave him a predatory smirk as our eyes met in the dark. He flashed me a fangy grin back, as I perused him with my eyes, secretly flirting with him, while I worked my baby Templar up into a frenzy.

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