Chapter 18

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Sid spent a relatively quiet Thanksgiving with PopPop and Uncle Bobby and they made a small turkey with stuffing, potatoes with gravy, corn, and pumpkin pie. Both PopPop and Uncle Bobby commented that Sid looked healthy again, happy again, and Sid agreed.

"So how's that boyfriend of yours?" PopPop asked.

"He's good. In Santa Barbara with his family."

"He didn't want to come here?"

"I didn't ask him. Thanksgiving is the one time all of his extended family gets together every year."

"I suppose you told him no when he asked you to go with him."

Sid stared at PopPop sadly and he nodded in recognition. She still wasn't ready to be around a big, happy family at a holiday, yet. "Christmas, then," Elliot had said after he asked her, but she gave no reply. Both Lil and Kate recently asked Sid if she would like to join them at home for Christmas, but that was something she definitely didn't want to do, so she politely declined them and promised to catch up soon.

Sid thought that her parents, especially her mom, would have liked Elliot. Then she thought sadly about how they would never meet him, nor him them, and how PopPop and Uncle Bobby were the only family she had left to share with Elliot. Sid had to work the next day, so she left for her apartment shortly after dinner, but not before PopPop made her promise to bring Elliot over soon.

Elliot was with his family until Sunday, so Sid sat alone in her apartment on Saturday night, watching a movie when her phone rang.

"Hey Alexa. What's up?" Sid greeted.

"I know you're free tonight, so Monica and I thought we could have a do-over of girls' night," Alexa's voice chirped through the receiver.

About a half an hour later, Sid, Alexa, and Monica were sitting in Alexa's living room drinking wine while a chick flick played in the background.

"You and Elliot are so cute together," Alexa said.

"Oh stop," Sid tried to brush it off, but couldn't help smiling anyway.

"You held out on him for a little while," Alexa noted.

"I just needed a friend," Sid replied.

"He's a good friend, but I bet he's a better boyfriend."

"He is! But I think that's partly because we were friends first. I had this teacher in seventh grade who told us that the foundations of the best romantic relationships were friendships. That always stuck with me. Seems to be right."

"After that first night at the bar, I knew it wouldn't be long before you guys got together," Alexa continued and Monica agreed.

"You're one to talk!" Sid pointed at Monica and laughed. "Don't think I haven't noticed you and Brian holding hands." Monica and Alexa looked at each other hesitantly. "What aren't you guys telling me?"

"Brian and I are dating but Ian and Elliot don't know yet, so you can't say anything to him."


"Because Ian and I used to date for years and when we broke up in August, it was really messy. Brian and I started dating a week after the break up, but we had been close for a long time. That's part of what made the break up so messy. And Ian and Elliot are best friends."

Sid nodded and they all sat quietly for a while.

"When do you think you'll tell them?" Sid asked.

"I don't know," Monica replied quietly.

"Well, for what it's worth, I think you guys are really cute."

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