As We Fade In The Dark

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Jason White's POV [Bet you didn't see that comin!]

"Tré, Billie and Christine have been gone for a while..." Jeff mumbles.

"Maybe they're having a three way." Jason Freese snickers.

"Fuck off." Mike groans. "God, who the fuck does Tré think he is? What does he have against Christine?"

We let the comment fall. No one wanted to touch that one. We're still watching the bathroom door, as Tré had asked. Though I'd never tell Mike, I agreed with Tré. Someone had drugged Billie, I doubted it was Christine though. Christine was so kind and gentle, I don't think she was capable of hurting anyone. I think Tré just wanted to blame her because of his fight with Billie. It was completely selfish on his part. Tonight was suppose to be about their engagement, not this god damn love triangle crap. My thoughts are interrupted, when I hear Jeff scream.

"Holy shit! Is that Billie?!"

I turn and see Billie's body lying half way through the bathroom door. We all stand up and sprint to the door. Jeff is the first to reach Billie. He pulls him through the door and into his lap. The bathroom door closes as we huddle around Billie. There's blood spewing out of his head and onto Jeff's lap, but that's not the first thing we notice. The first thing we notice is Billie's pants around his ankles, leaving him completely exposed. Everyone's frozen. No one can bring themselves to move. We all just stare in shock and horror. I'm the first to speak,

"Mike -" but he cuts me off.

"It wasn't Christine." He says immediately.

None of us have the heart to tell him what we're all thinking. Jeff reaches into his pocket and pulls out his phone. He begins to dial 911.

"Look, we'll figure this out later. Billie needs help!" Jeff uses his shoulder to hold his phone, so that his hands are free to remove his tie and put it against the cut on Billie's head. A failed attempt to stop the bleeding.

"But where's Tré?" Jason Freeze asks.

I open the door of the bathroom, Mike and Jason Freeze are right behind me. The first thing we notice is the blood. There's so much fucking blood, it's just everywhere. Then we see Tré's face resting in vomit and blood. It's impossible to tell if it belongs to him or Billie. Our eyes wander up and land on Christine. Her face is gushing blood, as she holds Tré's head down and sits on his spine. She raises the knife above her head and whispers,

"I guess I have nothing to lose, then."

Surprisingly, Christine isn't the scariest thing in this room, Tré's face is. His face is relaxed and calm, like he doesn't care about the possible outcome. Christine's arm is a flash but so is Jason Freeze. In seconds, he runs from the door and leaps on her, knocking her off of Tré. They collide into the wall, away from Tré's beaten body. I dash in Tré's direction, through the blood and puke. The room smells revolting. I drop to my knees and cradle Tré. Tré's face still hasn't changed. I turn my head towards the doorway, Mike hasn't moved. He's still just standing there, his eyes are locked on Jason Freeze bashing Christine's face against the wall. I can tell Mike wants him to stop, but he's paralyzed. The love of his life had assaulted his two best friends, and he doesn't know who's side to take. Is assault even the right word? I don't know what this is. All I know is, I am cradling my best friend on a bathroom floor, while blood and vomit pour out of him. When Tré finally stops puking, he tips his head back into my chest. Jason Freeze has finally knocked Christine out and is using his belt to restrain her hands, in case she wakes up. It took three people to finally bring her down. Mike still hasn't moved.

"It's going to be ok, Tré." I reassure him. "Jeff phoned 911. They'll get you help. You'll be safe."

But Tré isn't even paying attention to me. His eyes are locked on the closed bathroom door. When Tré finally speaks, I have to move my ear as close to him as I can. His voice is completely shattered, it's barley a whisper.

"Is Billie ok?" He asks.

I'm at a loss for words.

"Yeah. Yeah, he's fine." I lie. Billie wasn't fine. If he actually lived through this he may never be fine again, but Tré doesn't notice this. Instead he looks up at me and smiles.

"I'm so glad." He whispers.

I watch Tré in horror, as he closes his eyes. His body goes limp and relaxes in my arms. I am completely powerless to stop my dear friend from fading in the dark.

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