Holiday memories.

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"____! You need sun lotion!" Called out Sidon from your shared Villa. You were laying on the beach wanting to look as tanned as possible, yet Sidon was having none of it. He thinks too much sun will kill you, even though the holiday ended in two days.

"Oh behave!" You said lifting up your sunglasses onto your head, "I don't see you with any on!" You lied. Sidon covered himself in two whole tubes of sun lotion and looked like he changed race by the end of it.

"Are you kidding me?!" His head popped out over a glass sliding door, he had a greasy white face from the sun lotion and didn't look too amused.
"Do you think this is enough?" He asked going back into the Villa.
"No." You said sarcastically.

"WHAT?! Really?!" You couldn't tell if he was taking what you said seriously. But the fact that he pored out another tube was proof that he didn't understand sarcasm.

"SIDON!" You shouted laughing at his hysterical state.
"W-What?" He said, half way through the tube.
"Come here darling...and leave the bottle!"
Sidon began to walk over to your sun lounger and leaned over you blocking the sun with his gigantic body.

"I was being sarcastic silly! I was joking you're fine the ay you are.

Sidon gave you an unamused look as you sat up and stared him right in the eye. "That wasn't funny ___."
He said, pouting.

"Oh shush you big baby and accept my apology." You leaned up on your knees, pulling Sidon's head down towards yours getting ready for a kiss.

"O-oh!" Blushing, Sidon felt your warm lips on his. He could taste your fruit lip balm when he licked your bottom lip and made a satisfying "mmm" sound at the taste.

"You're perfect Sidon." You said gushing.
"Thank you my love." Sidon kissed your forehead and went to get ready again (without the sun lotion)

Hey! I'm currently on holiday so posts will be slower than usual (sorry) I have WIFI in the hotel and data on my phone so hopefully I can do more. This is just two little things to make up for it.

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