【WBFK】 Seme/Uke Quiz

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(no pics, just words tho)

Blah blah blah, the same stuff I wrote in the last. But there's no extra quotes because I'm lazy and in a hurry. Also, the order of their answers switches (sometimes Liam first, sometimes Alex), because it was faster to copy and paste everything from the quiz. 

Alex and Liam:

1. Mmm... this first question is so gooood.... what does it taste like?

Liam: *blushing - can't answer*
Alex: wine

2. If you described yourself in one word, what would it be?

Liam has no clue so we're going to pick mysterious for the sake of fun.

Alex: intelligent

3. Your charm point:

Liam: your loyalty

Alex: your awesome style

4. Doing a little shopping, you notice a sexy studded collar and leash set... you immediately:

Liam: don't usually go for that kind of shit, but could possibly be persuaded to buy it for your partner if they really wanted it 
Alex: shiver a little in pleasure, thinking of how submissive you'll feel wearing this down at your partner's feet 

5. You're finding yourself tired and thirsty, you decide to go for:

Alex: margarita, baby!

Liam: root beer

6. Ah, but after that drink you really have to go... The bathroom is crowded, so you decide to:

Liam: stand outside the door and wait for everyone to leave
Alex: ewwww

7. You like to sing! And usually it's:

Alex: pop

Liam: not good

8. Your socks right now:

Alex: striped

Liam: plaid

9. You've always thought it would be amazingly awesome to be:

Alex: a prince/princess
Liam: sucked into a computer world where you got to complete an epic quest! *thumbs up* 

10. It's good to use your body, yes it is... and you like to:

Alex: dance

Liam: lay around

11. Your perfect partner must be:

Alex: bigger/stronger than you

Liam: able to see through your bullshit

12. Your lover must also be able to:

Alex & Liam: put up with your moods

13. Your ideal way to spend an evening with your significant other...

Alex & Liam: snacks and movies

14. Your favorite scent to wear on your body:

Liam: your partner's sweat
Alex: something sweet and delicious, like chocolate or vanilla 

15. You have an erotic dream.... it's about:
Liam: your partner bound in silk ribbons

Alex: hot tub fun!

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