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Anicentricity wanted a name that started with A because her extremely most favorite celebrity sisters of all time, the Superfine Trio, all have names that start with A. The centricity part was like, a state of being. Something she was aspiring to. A thing you continually work towards but never really arrive at, maybe. A name to indicate where she's going, not where she's been.

Whatever. Fast forward 2 years into the endless nightmare loop of life in the dorms at Todrick Hall and she's slightly regretting her name choice. Her narrative lacks focus. Was it because her brand was so future-tense, so abstract? If she'd named herself after a specific interest or physical feature would her life have taken sharper focus around it?

In any case, she's trying!!! She wakes up every day and tries her freaking ass off. Always looking her best, filming her life as she performs her morning routine, working all day at SoulFeed, being of service and preparing sustainable triminobowls for patrons in the 50k+ range. Does she get to actually eat there herself? No, that would make no sense for the brand. She does get a follower boost just for being associated with SoulFeed, which in turns gets her access to Ancient Tasteberry, a tangentially related brand, so that's cool. She lends her voice every day to the chorus of praise for the brands that comprise the city, then returns home to the barely contained war zone of an entire building full of prepubescents desperate to outshine everyone around them. Plus the RA's who run the dorms, in competition with each other on their show to provide the best experience for their floor. PLUS the unending string of roommates she's forced to share a room with, 3 in the last year alone:

-The one who used makeup to transform herself into a demon, went hugely popular and moved out after a few weeks,

-The shibari baby, who died in a background scene during a sale at the Arena Mall

-The one who was committed to a semi-terrifying visual aesthetic she called "falling knife". Not sure what happened to her, she just left one day and never came back.

Is she depressed. Ha ha yes. Hovering at 12k followers. Real bottom feeder hours. She sometimes looks at her life and thinks: this is the stuff that can fuel me or destroy me and it is definitely going to destroy me lol.

It isn't even the unending drama of life in the dorms that bothers her the most, the accidental selficides of people falling out the windows to capture the perfect light, or the experimental bodycons warping their appearances irreparably before their bones and features are even fully formed, or the deeply held grudges between former friends accusing each other of stealing their brand proposition and using it for their own nefarious purposes. The thing that really frustrates her is the relentless positivity. Every day is the best day ever. Every day you just have to believe in yourself more. Every day is your last chance to the be best you in history. Every day the only thing holding you back is you.

She needs to get out. She needs to get to the next stage of her evolution, but it isn't happening, and meanwhile everyone around her is either dying or popularizing themselves out of her social sphere. She has to think about herself and her brand alllll the time, and she doesn't want to. She wants to focus on the things she cares about. Aka the Superfine Trio.

Here's how it starts to happen.

After her roommate disappears, there's a gap before anyone realizes she's actually missing and a new roommate is assigned. For a few days Anicentricity effectively has a single room, all to herself. It's the first time in her entire life she's ever been alone, ever not been surrounded on all sides by other people. The first night is terrifying, but by morning she's like: OK this is extremely the business.

The next night she stays up late, alone, scrolling the TL, and there's a picture of Azelbeth from the Superfine Trio. It was a pic of Azelbeth lying down and looking tired, and Anicentricity says Wow I look really good here, which gets her a bunch of likes, and with it a bunch of new followers, mostly from the Superfine fandom. She starts reading the posts of these people who like the Superfine Trio as much as she does, laughing at their memes, reading their fics, and then she's like: I can do this. Having some space to herself it's like the first time she can hear what's inside her brain and inside her brain it's stories about the Superfine Trio. In a few days she's written fics like:

-One where they all take turns dating Raminashi but Alikatase gets jealous and decides if she can't date him none of them can

-One where the sisters open a chemtail shop called Aaviragina and Arkkelina falls in love with the woman who supplies their yuni dust and almost bankrupts the store over-ordering

-One where Anhedine gets pregnant but all three of the sisters magically share different stages of the pregnancy as a symbol of their teamwork and mutual support

Anicentricty posts these to the TL a week later she's up to 18k followers. (?) (!) She's meeting and hanging out with other people in the fandom, some of whom are living in the dorm, some of whom are at the schools already. And she thinks: OK, this is it, this is something. Only a few thousand more followers and she can start applying for high school and that's her out of the dorms and onto whatever's next.

Of the four schools in Highschooland she thinks KMS High would be the best fit for her. She's not really a performer so Eternal High is out. She's not super good at math and science and her fight or flight response is only fair to middling so the Academy seems exhausting. And she doesn't have the physical strength or strategic mindset to thrive at High/Low. But KMS High is about dating and love, they value relationships and communication, and she can totally get down with that. It seems like a reasonable path forward while she figures out the rest.

In the morning she wakes up and checks the TL. Her most recent fic has about 4k likes and she has 2k new followers. It's happening. She can do this. This could be the day. Check it out, relentless positivity much, bitch!?!

The door opens, and there's a person standing there. She (?) has skin like riced cauliflower, crystal eyelashes, and hair the color of bone, except for one deep black streak. BUGwich, Anicentricity's screen says, and yes she uses the she pronoun. BUGwich stands just outside the door while her eyes float around the room, barely registering Anicentricty on her bed.

"You spend a lot of time in the shadow of the Effagrace building," BUGwich says, at last.

"Um yeah I work at the Soulfeed near there? Hi?"

BUGwich nods, solemnly, and steps gently into the room. "I can tell from your energy. The video that are displayed on the sides of the buildings emit different energies, which have a lasting effect on the people who come into frequent contact with them. I'm able to read those energies and predict people's motivations and interests. It's a form of divination."

Anicentricity suppresses a deep, heavy sigh. "You're my new roommate, aren't you."

BUGwich does not acknowledge the question. "It's going to be important for me to have your bed, in order to maximize the positivity of my energy on this side of the building."

There's your morning motivation, Anicentricity thinks; best served externally.


Ugh screw you BUGwich, Anicentricity is going to write more fics that are going to be really popular and they're going to get her OUT of the dorms and onto KMS High. But first we're going to check back in with Qynka & Qannen and see how they're doing at ANGELWAX. Love you! Please hit the star below! ilu

 Love you! Please hit the star below! ilu

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