2 ~ Request Denied

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A/N: Back again!!I'm on a roll with updates these days yayyyy!! Okay I'll stop now....

My classes at the University had finally ended and I was now on my way to the cafe I work at; Starbucks.

I walked in and waved to the familiar, friendly faces in the small cafe.

"Hey, [F/N] how was class?" Mina Ashido asked.

"Boring as hell. I swear I slept through just about every class. And it's so hard to keep up with homework because of my working here. But gotta pay rent and college off somehow. " I gave a weak and tired smile.

"Yeah I know what you mean-" As Mina was in the middle of talking my phone dinged.

"Your boyfriend texting you?" She let out a giggle while wiggling her eyebrows.

"Yeah totally. " I rolled my eyes and shook my head, taking out my p hone and checking to see who had texted me. I saw that it was none other than that 'pikaboi dude'.

It was a chat.


Ey wassup sweetie?

ur gurl[F/N]

Ew dont say that.


Y not

ur gurl[F/N]

Cuz its creepy and I gtg I'm at work


Awe ok :'(

I closed my phone and sighed.

This isn't going to stop, huh?

I looked up to see Ashido giving me a face that read 'ohoho you got a little boyfriend. '

"Don't for one second even think that." I quickly said sweat dropping.

"So he's your boy toy?" She asked.

"No, not that either. I'm not a hoe. " I plainly said leaving to put the apron on that held my name on.

"Awe c'mon I won't judge you. Just tell me [F/N]." Mina whined a pout present on her face.

"Seriously Ashido, he is just a guy I added recently and now keeps trying to hit on me. Happy now?" I let out a long sigh because of my persistent friend and coworker.

"I get it now. You just like the attention. That's why you won't block him." Mina gave another smug grin.

"Honestly no that's not it either. I do find him quite annoying, but amusing at the same time. Also this gives me a chance to use them pick up line comebacks I found on the internet. " I chuckled to myself.

"I guess I get it. I mean your life is pretty boring." Mina nodded her head in understanding.

"It really is." I thought back to my quiet apartment and boring school. There seriously was nothing fun about my life.

"Well let's get to stations before boss shoots us." Mina said hustling to get to the kitchen or whatever would call the place we make the coffee.

"Yeah, I kinda like being alive. " I let out a small laugh as I went to the cash register.


Work was tiring as usual. I was driving back to my apartment conplex when my phone had gone off again. It was none other than the Pika Dude himself or Kaminari Denki.

I couldn't open the snap let alone respond to it until I was out of the car. So I continued my way home. Once I reached the parking lot. I shut off my car and headed towards my apartment


Hey you off work yet???


Yeah I literally just got to my apartment.


Nice, how you feeling beautiful? 😘😍


Ewww don't ever send sum like that again


Request denied

urgurl [F/N]

Fml y


Cuz u cute




I honestly think ur pretty


Honestly I think ur lying. And I'mma sleep night pika boi.


Night and I'm not lying

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