chapter thirty-two; the end!

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Newt woke up to a soft touch to his back. It moved in patterns over the exposed skin of his back where his t-shirt had ridden up during sleep. Sleep still had a strong grip on him so he wasn't ready to open his eyes yet, so he stayed still but hummed softly as the finger kept moving on his back. He then understood that the finger was writing on his back, and he focused on the feeling, the fingertip leaving a trail of warmth and tingles over his skin. Newt smiled to himself, lazily but lovingly, and murmured in a soft voice,

"I love you too."

The finger stopped and Newt turned around to face the boy who laid next to him. Both of them had soft, content smiles on their faces, and Thomas's arm that was loosely wrapped around Newt's waist from hugging him all night (even when his boyfriend rolled around in his sleep) pulled the blond closer until they could feel their breaths kiss each other's faces.

"Good morning," Thomas whispered with his lips barely touching Newt's. A flutter in his heart and hearts in his eyes, Newt's smile widened and his hands found their way to Thomas's back, pressing gently to make sure the boy stayed close to him.

    "Good morning," he replied, and went to kiss Thomas but his boyfriend spoke before he could,

    "We should have more sleepovers."

    "Yeah?" Newt asked as he caressed Thomas's face with his fingers, and Thomas nodded.

    "I love waking up next to you. I knew it would be lovely, but I didn't know I'd love it this much." Morning light trickled in through the blinds, casting a beautiful yellow hue on the soft sheets and making Thomas's smile look even brighter.

"I love waking up next to you, too," Newt admitted as he admired how the sunshine greeted Thomas good morning with soft kisses on his skin and on top of his hair. The sun blessed Newt with the sight of every single detail of his boyfriend's face, making the beautiful dimples and lines more visible, and showing off his long lashes and every little beautiful perfection and imperfection.

    "You look like an angel," Thomas whispered, and Newt noticed that he was looking at him the way Newt was looking at him; with fondness and admiration. A blush coated Newt's cheeks and he had to look away and shift a little, making a laughter escape through Thomas's lips. The northsider placed both hands on his boyfriend's face, forcing him carefully to look at him. "I mean it. You really do." Thomas observed Newt again, the way the sun created a halo of gorgeous light around his head, and made his hair seem golden, and skin so wondrous pretty.

"It's too early for cheesiness," Newt groaned a little, but only to cover up his rosy cheeks.

"You are my angel, Newt," Thomas teased him, nuzzling his nose against Newt's. Newt groaned lightly but before his boyfriend knew it, he brought his hands to his stomach and started tickling him. Thomas almost screamed out in laughter, his hands now trying to push Newt away instead of pulling him closer.

"Newt! I-It's too early for tickles!" he laughed, squeezing his eyes shut as Newt continued tickling him. "Newt!"

Newt hushed him with a kiss. Happy, soft and loving, the first kiss of the day was the most perfect one. Both boys wrapped their arms around each other again to embrace each other as they shared a couple of gentle kisses, just small lazy pecks.

Once they pulled away from each other, they snuggled up against each other's bodies, and they allowed the covers and sheets to soak them in warmth. Thomas wrapped a leg around Newt, holding onto him like he was afraid he would leave, as Newt buried his face in the warmth of Thomas's neck. They didn't say anything, because both of them already knew that they agreed with each other; they didn't want to get up yet.

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