Chapter 7

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The weekend had finally come, and Suzy was sitting with her father in their small garden. Suzy had always liked plants, and it was interesting to see all the different ones that her dad had. Some could be used in cooking, some were good for the bees in the area and some were medicinal. Her dad had made a large pitcher of ice tea, and they sat in old beach chairs on the lawn. Every now and then, he'd get up and add a touch more fertilizer to a plant or trim one ever so slightly, then sit back down and tell Suzy all about the plant. Suzy loved listening to him talk about the plants and learning about their different properties. Cuddles sat at her feet, sprawled out on the grass. His jaw was open and he was staring at the birds flying overhead. Every once in a while, a bug would land in his head and he'd shake it off before going back to staring at the birds overhead.

"So," Suzy's dad said, leaning over and scratching where Cuddles' ear would be, "Aside from the Show and Tell fiasco, how's life as a High Priestess been?"

"Okay, I guess," Suzy said. "People still don't think Anubis is nice, and he doesn't have any more worshippers. It's just me."

"Maybe that's a good thing, for now." Suzy's dad said, taking a thoughtful sip of ice tea. "Anubis does deserve to get more recognition, but more worshippers means that you have to work harder too. It might be too much for you, right now."

"Anubis deserves more than this," Suzy said. "it isn't fair that he only has one follower. I want to help him."

Suzy's dad let out a deep sigh. "If there ever is anything you need help with, be sure to let me or your mother know. Being a High Priestess seems like a big responsibility, and we want to support you in any way we can."

Suzy's response was interrupted by the sound of a horn behind them, and Suzy turned to see a fairly old, black car in front of their house. The window rolled down, and The teen from before stuck his head out.

"Hey, High Priestess girl!" He said. "Grace said to come and get you."

"Dad, this is a worshipper of Isis." said Suzy.

"You can call me Brendan," The teen said. He was wearing the same leather jacket, and his hair was still as messy as ever.

"Nice to meet you, Brendan," Suzy's dad said. "Would you like some ice tea?"

"I'm not big on sweets, thanks. Besides, I'm supposed to bring Suzy to see the High Priestess of Isis. She said it was important."

"Really?" Suzy said. "I'll go get the leash."

Brendan held out an arm in protest. "You can't bring the dog in here," he said. "My mom will kill me if I get any more dogs or bones in here. I swear, she's like a hawk when it comes to the car."

"Is it alright if I go to meet her?" Suzy asked her dad.

"I can't come into the temple with you, but I trust your judgment. Be sure to call me if anything at all happens."

Suzy nodded and headed towards the car. Cuddles tried to follow her, but he was held back by Suzy's dad. He let out the smallest whimper and settled down.

The car sped off in the direction of Temple Park, with Suzy in the front seat. The inside of the car looked scrappier than the outside, and classic rock rattled on from the ancient cassette player.

"How did you know where I was?" Suzy asked.

"Alexis told me. Said I should be nice to you, too."

Suzy looked down at the enormous slushie in the cup holder, and her feet dangled over empty packages of beef jerky on the floor. As far as she could tell, Brendan seemed entirely normal to her. She had thought that maybe following a magic deity would affect him, but the only thing she noticed about him that seemed really off was the patch on his jacket. To her, he looked like what an old movie would call a "cool cat" or something like that. She hadn't thought about it since she'd lived without a god for so long, but she realized that to most people, it didn't seem to impact their lives a lot. They acted the same as they always had, and they must have gods too. What about High Priestesses?

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