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The thought of the author toiling away, a single individual who by force of will brings forth a manuscript, is completely unfounded in reality.

The following people were brave and foolhardy enough to read a first draft (a confirmation of insanity if there ever is one) and provide feedback: Jason Steadman, Wayne Gilbart, Blake Houchin, Faye Marchetto, Lori M. and, especially, Mark Tudor — who is always the very first to say yes when I ask for help with any endeavour.

To Robin Thompson, who for years has been editor extraordinaire and has put up with me through several endeavors. She continues to be extraordinaire.

To Shelly Fausett, because of whom this book is better than it should be. For working with me through the first draft and the second, for her editorial work, suggestions and critical feedback, I am supremely thankful. The lady has talent.

To Pinty, who lets me write his story.

And finally, to Lonnie, who has embraced my “adorable quirks” these many years. For your constant support, thank-you.

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