Chapter 36

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I pretended to struggle against the man, as any woman would in that situation. I could just see Drogo from the dark as the man pushed the door open. Drogo's eyes flared red when he saw, his jaw muscles locking, his mind revealing he was dying to come and kill the man himself. At last the man pulled me along behind him, out the door and into the dark alleyway that didn't have another single person there. I continued to struggle as he pulled me down the alleyway to a door past the nearest dumpster. I felt a gun shoved into my ribs as he said, "You're going to be quiet, you understand?" I forced a whimper, while I nodded and he released my mouth and reached for the door.

It was a door that led down to an old cellar in the run-down building behind the bar. My eyes caught movement in the shadows of the alleyway, as he forced me down the stairwell. I was in a difficult situation. He was a Templar with a gun, and I had no idea what kind of bullets he had in the chamber; normal or poisoned ones. He kept the gun shoved into my ribs and I was honestly wary of him now, as I watched him reach to start undoing his belt and pants. He pressed me into the wall, after having successfully undone both and started pushing my dress up with his other.

I was in the middle of trying to decide what to do, probably using my magic, when I felt a breeze and a pair of hands reached out around the man's head and instantly broke his neck on a snarl. The man dropped to the floor of the cellar, the gun still in his hand and my relieved eyes met Drogo's blazing red ones, as his chin flew up in defiance and anger at the man. I gave him a grateful smile and rushed into his embrace. "He's lucky that's all I did to him, after touching you like that," he whispered in my ear. I snuggled up against him, soaking up the safety of his arms. "Thanks, I wasn't sure what he had in that gun," I whispered back. I felt him look down at the gun.

He released me and bent down to pick it up. Dropping out the clip, revealed that it had been loaded with poisoned bullets; our eyes met. The man actually could have killed me. Appreciation for Drogo's protectiveness washed through me and I let him feel it. Drogo slammed the clip back into place and put the gun in his belt, covering it with his jacket. "Where do we need to take him?" "Do you have your car?" I asked. He nodded. "Pull it around here in the alley and we can load him up to take him out to the woods. I'll go get Peter and update Seb and we'll meet you back here. He gave me a nod and a kiss on the forehead before we both sped off.

I came in from the back to make it purposely look like I had come back from the restroom, to confuse his friends in the booth. I leaned over and whispered what had happened into Peter's ear as I leaned on him; Sebastian was taking the last shot of the game, sinking the eight ball in the corner pocket. I smiled and went over to him, acting like I was just congratulating him when I was updating him. He was petting me a little and then jerked his head like we were going to leave together. I nodded and followed him out the front. Peter went to the bar for a couple minutes and then left out the front.

Drogo had the car waiting and Sebastian stood watch, as we loaded up the body into the back seat. I hopped in next to it and the brothers got in. Sebastian gave us a wave before we sped off and then he turned to head home on his motorcycle. We headed up into the forest to a marked area and went and buried the creep, deep underground. Drogo held onto the gun. You could never know when it might come in handy. We walked into the mansion and Nicolae came out of the study to greet us. "Everything ok?" He asked seeing our faces. Their minds revealed what happened as Drogo drug the gun out from his waistband and handed it to Nicolae for safe keeping.

I turned and left to go to my room. Peter was hot on my heels and said, "Don't call Viktor just yet. He doesn't appear when he thinks you're out hunting, right?" I looked at him and nodded. "Perfect," he whispered taking ahold of my face to kiss me. And then my door was shut and Drogo was there behind me, kissing my shoulder and neck again from behind. I teased Peter with my fingers sliding around his waistband as I kissed him back. I whipped his shirt off of him and returned to kissing him, teasing him with my fingers. Drogo reached up and swept my hair over my right shoulder, kissing me as he slowly drew the zipper to my dress down my back, letting his knuckles caress me on the way down.

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