The Kessel Run: A Star Wars SmackDown - Round 1.2 [CLOSED]

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This round is now closed. However, you're more than welcome to write a story for the prompt given below and share that story with us!

Scores, as of the conclusion of Round 1.2's judging:

2's judging:

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Stranded upon an apparently uninhabited world deep in Wild Space, an individual quickly discovers that it is anything but uninhabited.

Tell the story of this individual, their experiences and their rescue - or demise!  

The Fine Print

Recommended Word Count: 1,500

Deadline: Sunday, October 28th at Midnight, Galactic Standard Time (UST, for our purposes)!

Submissions: Via this form only

Things To Consider

The recommended word count is exactly what it says; recommended. You won't be penalised for writing a story above or below that number of words, however do remember it must be a finished story.

The deadline is final, and any stories submitted beyond that will not be considered eligible for judging.

Whilst your entries must be submitted via the above form to be considered eligible for judging, do feel free to post the direct link to your story in the comments' section so your fellow Star Wars Fans might easily locate your efforts.

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