Chapter 7 : Her Kiss

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Taehyung POV
Jimin stomped out of the room with an angry face. I looked at Irene and saw her shocked face. Somehow the hug felt warm... She suddenly pushed my hand away. She bowed and walked out of the office room quickly.

Well she left... I sighed and sat down. I took a bite of my cookie while staring out of the window. She seemed so down today. Why tho? I'm kinda worried... But why? "Ugh..." I growled and scratched my head. My mind is full of thoughts... What's wrong with me?

I took my wallet and left the office room. I don't see Irene at her workplace. I took a deep breath and continued walking. I went back to my house and sat on the sofa. My head is spinning... I feel dizzy... My eyes started to close slowly. I soon fell asleep.

"She's a murderer..." "She is dangerous..." I heard whispers around me. "Huh?" I asked as my vision started to get clear. I was in a weird room. "What...?" I said to myself. There were blood everywhere. Where am I? I was in a kitchen. I walked slowly towards a living room. There was a woman and a man talking to each other.

I raised my eyebrows. "Irene! Come here!" The man shouted rudely. Why does he seem so mad? I saw a little girl walking down the stairs with a guilty face. The man hit her.

An unpleasant sound was heard like a phone ringing. I opened my eyes. "Ugh..." I growled and rubbed my eyes. I looked at my phone. I got a phone call. I grabbed my phone and answered it without looking at the caller.

"What?" I answered. "Um sir? The meeting is starting soon." I heard a sweet familiar voice. I recognized that it was Irene's voice. "Oh shoot, I forgot!" I said and ended the call. I rushed out of my house and went to the office. I ran through the hallway when suddenly I slipped.

"Ah!" I dropped my files on the floor. "Mr Kim, are you okay?" Irene said while running towards me. "Yeah I'm fine." I told her. She helped me stand up but my leg really hurts. I stood up and tried to walk but instead I fell back to the ground.

She held my hand and helped me up again. "Lean on my shoulder." She said. "What?" I asked in shock. "Lean." She ordered. I did what she asked me to.

She starting helping me to walk to the office room. "Put your leg on this chair." She said as she dragged a random short chair. I put my leg on the chair. I raised my eyebrows as I saw her squatting in front of me. She started to massage my leg with her soft, warm hands.

I looked at her who is focusing massaging. She's pretty... I tilted my head. Beautiful eyes... Perfect lips...

"Ahhh!" I screamed as I felt her pressing the pain of my leg. I hissed in pain. "Sorry..." She said and looked at me. I raised my eyebrows. "Would you like to see a doctor?" She asked. "Why?" I crossed my arms. "Your leg seems to be quite bad... Which means you might not be able to walk for 2-3 days." She said.

"I'm fine." I said as I rolled my eyes. "You think I'm weak?" I added. She then looked at me. "Suit yourself. Try walking." She said and stood up with her arms crossed. I stood up and stood up. I was wobbling a bit.

"Walk." She ordered. I tried walking but instead I felt my leg getting worse. "See?" She said. I fell on the ground while hugging my leg. "Ughhh!" I growled in pain. "Let me call a doctor." She said and took out her phone.

Irene POV
After calling the doctor, I turned to him. "Do you want coffee?" I asked. "Sure." He said while massaging his leg softly. I smiled. "I will be back." I said and turned away. "Oh the meeting is postponed too." I told him and left. I made some coffee for him and myself.

"Hey eonnie." I looked back. "Oh Jennie?" I said. "What happened to Taehyung?" She asked. "He fell and he hurt his leg." I told her. "What?!" She said and ran into his office room.

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