Chapter 23: Orange

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Pressing my ear close to the door I vaguely heard someone shouting inside, crap I wish I can somehow teleport inside there and-... wait a minute.



YES... ⬅

Using my illusionary magic I made my body see through like a ghost, I then teleported inside the office to see the once clean office in a mess, "MOTHER DUCKING HELL!" I see Terrance in his other form panicking whilst Furu goes on a rampage, "Calm down Furu!" Terrance tried to hold him back from flipping the table over.

"I SWEAR TO AUTHOR I WILL SLIT HIS THROAT!!" He grins his teeth together as he tries to get himself out of Terrance's full nelson, "CALM DOWN FURU! WE JUST FOUND OUT WHERE NATSU IS!" Natsu? I tilt my head side way in confusion, why would they be looking for Natsu?... now that I think about it, I barely see him at all, in fact, it's like he's avoiding me.

After a couple of minutes of Furu's rampage, Furu finally took a seat on the only thing that hasn't been flipped over, the chair. I feel sorry for Terrance, I watch Terrance cry about his flipped desk, "so what are we gonna do?" Furu asked angrily, "well-" he walks over to him after grabbing one of the flipped chairs and seated himself in front of him.

"There's a high possibility that Natsu is returning to the dorm tonight when that happens we need to make sure he stays away from Alex, in the meantime, you need to make another letter impersonating Natsu" Furu kisses his teeth, "why the ducking hell am I the one making all these stupid letters every week?" wait he's the one making all those cringy disgusting letters?

Terrance sighed in response to Furu's sour attitude, don't worry Terrance, Furu is just being salty. "Look Furu, we need to keep this up or Alex will find out," Terrance says while rubbing his temples out of frustration, "I know that! but why am I the one who has to pretend to be that disgusting fleabag?!" I wonder why he hates Natsu so much?

"Because you two have a love and hate relationship and sooner or later you two will find each other cute/handsome and with a pinch of gay fairy dust you will have bow chika a wowow and before you know it you will end up getting together thanks to some sort of tragic moments with the help of cannon fodders. You two will have a forbidden romance, elope, get married underneath a rainbow and have kids that everyone will question since you're both males. THE END!" he literally said all that as fast as he could and neither I and Furu could comprehend what he said.

Furu had the same 'what the fudge?' face like me, "oops sorry about that" Terrance cleared his voice, "it's just that I secretly ship NaFu," Furu looks even more confused but I pretty much-understood thanks to my girl Aoi.

"For now let's make sure Natsu stays away from Alex, last time he nearly did encounter Alex which could've been dangerous, especially since Alex is not ready" Furu kisses his teeth, "so when is he ready exactly?" he balls up his hands into fists, "it's been a century since then! so how much longer do we have to wait!?" Terrance quickly b*tch slapped him.

"Shut up Furu! unless you're suggesting that you'll team up with Natsu?" Terrance firm voice becomes scary with anger, "n-no!" even Furu felt intimidated by him, "let's get going before any more problems stir up" Terrance transformed back into his human form, Furu gingerly nodded and then followed Terrance out of his office.

"What the fork was that?!" I unveiled myself from my illusionary magic, "what fork are they hiding?" I remembered their words that Natsu was returning to the dorms tonight.

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