Chapter 30

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Aida POV

Argent and I have been motoring down the highway for an hour and I have no clue which direction we are even going. I have had my face buried in his jacket for the last half hour. Partly for the sense of comfort and calm it gives me and partly because the further we go, the more the feeling of dread takes over me.

As we speed past yet another gas station and fast food place I feel a soft buzzing coming from his pocket and it stirs me from my sleepy state. Luckily or else I may have been in serious danger of sliding off this bike!

Argent starts to slow and indicates to pull over to the next rest spot.
He rushes to put his feet either side of the bike to steady us and take his phone out of his pocket in time to answer who ever is calling.

I glance at the screen as he tips it towards me, no caller id. All of the pack phone numbers are stored in his phone. This is someone else.

He shrugs and answers.


Silence. A wave of relief sweeps over his whole body, his shoulders relax and his weight sinks into the bike. I didn't realise he had been holding it all in.

"James? Where are you? Are you ok? No we aren't home. It's a long story. We came to Strand but we missed you. We saw Kane."

My brother is ok.

He listens to James for a moment and nods. I stare intently at the back of his head, I lean in to listen, trying hard to decipher what I can. I don't get much.

"Ok. Yes she is ok. Sort of. I'll explain. No I haven't spoken to him yet. Ok. Tell me the name and we will meet you there."

He pauses and writes a note into his phone.

"Got it. See you soon."

He presses the end button and leans back on me.

"They are ok. They are at a motel a few miles up. He called from the reception phone. We are going to meet them."

Argent kicks us back into gear and we resume our trip on the highway, only this time we have a purpose. I can feel the adrenaline pulsing between us. We both want to get to James and Jemma as fast as we can.

We travel in silence for another short distance and we see the Majestic Motel coming into our view. It's a small, one level building in need of some serious love and care. It has a huge neon sign out front but only half works and there are boards on windows instead of glass in some of the rooms. Classy. There are several long haul vehicles in the parking lot. And James' car.

Argent pulls the bike in next to the car and the motel room door in front of the park opens. My brother runs out and pulls me off the bike, eclipsing me into his firm arms.

"What the hell are you two up to?" He says into my shoulder.

"Ah, it's a long story." I try to reply but he has a hold of me so tightly.
"Let's chat over food somewhere? I'm starving!"

He laughs and puts me down. Jemma comes up behind me and pulls me in close. It's evident that she has been crying.

"Jem you ok?" I ask, pushing her hair out of her face.
This is the first time since knowing her that I have seen her strong resolve break. It's refreshing actually, she is a real person too and not just a super tough werewolf.

She shakes her head and wipes her eyes with a tissue from her pocket. I sling my arm around her shoulder and we follow the guys. James leads us to a small diner on the other side of the motel.

It's something straight out of that show "Happy days" It's completely old school, leather booths, coin operated juke boxes on each table and the small glass spinning menus. It's the coolest thing I have ever seen.

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