My Sunshine. (McDuke)

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MARSHY: This was requested by Tsuchisty! I hope you enjoyed, I tried.



She's my sunshine, my only sunshine…

Beep. Beep.

She made me happy, when my skies were grey…

Beep. Beep.

Heather McNamara was currently laying in a hospital, me at her side. I should've done something, but I didn't, and now she attempted suicide. I fucking swear to God that it was Chandler. I want to dethrone her even more for hurting her. Speaking of, the red devil walked into the room, looking at Mac with guilt. I growled at her, and arm protectively on the unconscious blonde's shoulder.

Beep. Beep.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to go this far," Chandler apologised. I barely kept myself in check, not crying, but I did shake with all three emotions; sadness, fear, and anger. Sadness because Mac could die here, and she'd never know my attraction towards her. Fear because we didn't know, and the doctors won't tell us, if she'd make it. And anger, it was obvious. I stared at the red obsessed girl, and barely choked out.

Beep. Beep.

"Why did you…?" I couldn't even finish my sentence, as she thought about her words, as if a single wrong one could shatter me into pieces. She glanced at me before looking back over at our best friend. I found my words again, "Why would you hurt her so bad? Didn't you see she was in pain?! Why would-"

"Heather, please..," She sat down next to me, and I flinched, "I'm sorry.. I.. I don't know what I was thinking..and.." She trailed off, sniffling. Holy shit, The Heather Chandler™ was crying. This was big, and she was being sincere. Barely ready, she threw herself onto my shoulder and sobbed quietly, mumbling apologies into it. I carefully rubbed her back, "If I-I didn't give into Ram and Kurt then-"

"Wait, Ram and Kurt?" I asked, tempted to shove her onto the floor and stamp on her. But I didn't, and she sat up, wiping her eyes with a tissue. She nodded. She then started to explain.

"T-They said that I had two choices; treat Heather like I treat you, sorry, by the way..,"

"I'll accept it," Even though she'll forget about this on Monday. She'd always hid her emotions, and she'd do it as soon as she stepped into Westerburg Highschool. She'd laugh about Heather McNamara almost dying, and that made me sick. See, I've had a crush on her for while. I don't know how long exactly, but I've always felt the need to protect her. But I didn't. Crushes always go away, but why hadn't this one? Was the universe trying to torture me?

"Thank you..," Chandler spoke quietly.

"What was the other option?" I asked, arching an eyebrow. The question was more of an demand, and she flinched at my tone. Heather Chandler never flinched, "Shit, sorry," I added dully.

"It's fine," She looked me straight in the eyes, "The other option was…was.. that I announce to the whole school that I was a dyke, which isn't true," She looked at the ground and I clenched my jaw. Liar. She had a massive crush on Veronica Sawyer, she admitted it to us, including Veronica, when she was drunk at our last sleepover. She doesn't remember.

We sat in silence, and I just listened to Mac's heartbeat.

Beep. Beep.

I'm going to destroy those jocks.


"RAM SWEENEY, KURT KELLY, WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?!" I screeched into the hallways of our small school. It wouldn't be too hard to find them, I swear they play tonsil tennis with eachother on a daily basis. Soon enough, the jocks came out, and noticing mine and Heather Chandler's glares or pure hatred, they knew they were fucked.

"Erm, heyyyy Heather-" Ram started, as Chandler punched the boy in the gut, sending him stumbling back.

"Save it, cocktail-dick," She snapped, and both boys instantly silenced, "I shouldn't have hurt Heather because of you dickheads. You blackmailed me. Now, Duke wants to have a few words with you," She snapped her fingers, and she strutted after us as I dragged the petrified fuckboys behind the bleachers, ready to paint them purple, blue, and red.


Please, don't take my sunshine away..

We're back at the hospital, Mac was still unconscious and I was fearing the worst. Then she dizzily cracked open an eye, and I rushed over to her, wrapping her in a gentle hug.

"Du..Duke..?" She looked up at me, and I was crying.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I should've protected you and-" She cut me off with a weak kiss.

"Sorry, it was the only way to shut you up.."

For the rest of the evening, me, Heather McNamara and Heather Chandler just.. talked. Like we used to, when we were really friends and not just things to keep ahold of to stay on the top of the social pyramid. Chandler admitted her feelings to Veronica when she showed up, which me and Mac both knew. She was accepted.

That left me to do mine.

"Uh, Mac?"


"I..uh.. I love you."

She wrapped her arms around my neck, "I love you too, Heather Duke."

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