Chapter 19

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Chapter nineteen:

------------------------------->>>>> Slideshow has photos of Sasha and Jenna's drsses plus ceremony and reception

[Sasha’s POV]

I rolled over to snuggle into Jake’s warm arms and frowned when I was greeted by cold sheets instead. I pried my eyes open and welcomed the stream of sunshine that poured through the crack in the curtains.

I was getting married today.

My sadness at not waking up next to Jake was replaced by the excitement of being called ‘Mrs Sasha Stone’. I stared at the baby monitor and realised that Annalise had slept through the night without a single cry. Well, it looked like this would be her wedding present for me... a whole night’s sleep!

“Wakey, wakey rise and shine, time for Jenna to make you mighty fine!” Jenna sang as she burst through the bedroom doors.

“Shush!” I quickly scolded her, “You’ll wake Annalise!”

Jenna quickly covered her lips and made a ‘woops’ face before walking over and pulling the covers off the bed. “Come on! We only have a few hours to work on you before the surprise wedding!” She stood at the end of my bed with her arms crossed and I knew there was no more sleeping in for me.

I groaned and rolled out of the bed, heading towards the shower. “Make sure your hair free and scrubbed until your red! I have a temporary nanny for Annalise today and you will not stress out. That is an order!” Jenna called out before walking out of the room, “You have ten minutes! Any longer and I’m dragging you out”

With a parting wink Jenna smiled and was out of the door. I sighed and prepared myself for a long day.


“I can’t believe we have to fly to where the wedding ceremony” I murmured to Jenna as I rocked Annalise to sleep. Jenna had been a locked safe when it came to any information about the wedding. All I knew were the details I chose for the wedding and that was it. But when it came down to it, when you knew that the colour of the bridesmaid’s dress was champagne and the sashes of the chairs matched the napkins but didn’t know where all this was... it didn’t really matter.

“Well it’s your own fault for agreeing to let Jake choose where it was going to be held” Jenna sang. “Do you have any guesses where it could be though?”

I shrugged my shoulders and leaned back against the soft chair of Jake’s private jet. “Honestly, I have no clue. Jake asked me where all my favourite states were... all my favourite countries... which country I would have preferred to visit when I was younger...” I trailed off. Jake made sure to keep me confused.

I remember yesterday when I nearly demanded he tell me where the ceremony and reception was going to be and was, to my dismay, easily distracted by his insanely talented hands. I could still feel the tingles spreading down my spine when his hands lightly skimmed down my stomach to my-


“What?” I snapped out of my daydream. Jenna had a knowing smile on her face and she chuckled as she shook her head.

“Get your head out of the clouds Sash. We have a little more time until we land and as soon as we do the nanny will take over Annalise and you’ll be blindfolded until we’re inside” I huffed and wished I was allowed to open the cover of the plane’s windows.

The plane landed after a few hours... so obviously we weren’t in Italy... and I handed a sleeping Annalise over to the nanny, who I found out was called Melinda. Jenna was quick to jump up and wrap a blood red scarf over my eyes and helped me down the stairs. The heat attacked my skin and immediately my thoughts went to the Bahamas.

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