14.) Reciprocation

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14.) Reciprocation

I scanned the school parking lot for Alice. In burnt red jeans and a sunny top, she strolled to her cherry red Altima. "Alice!" I shouted, causing a scraggly-haired lanky kid walking past to drop his math book.

"Sorry!" I ran to my bestie.

She stopped by her driver's side and faced me. "Hey, girley, what's up?"

"A lot." My heart raced as fast as my legs had. "I realized earlier while I was in the library with Marilyn that I love Chris and I need to see him, today." My voice cracked. I don't even care if I break down right here in front of her and everyone else. I just wanna see Chris and figure out what the hell is going on.

"Okay then, let's go." She opened her car door.

"Oh my, God, really?"

"Yeah, of course."

I flung my arms around her, tears welling. "Thank you, Alice!"

She held me back. "No problem."

I darted around to the passenger. I have the best friends ever, seriously. Alice knew how far Chris lived and that I was too broke to spot her gas money. And how she loved me enough to not interrogate, to not scold or try and dissuade me was amazing. She always believed in my acting ability, swearing I'd be famous some day. Maybe she also believed in my ability to find true love.

As Alice drove away from our high school, I smiled at the canopy of clear blue sky above. It's really happening. I'm going to see Chris—the guy I'm in love with. My smile vanished. But what if he rejects me? What if I'm just kidding myself and the voice in my head was simply me being positive and giving false hopes? What if Chris has already decided to breakup with me? I swallowed. Great, my throat is dry. If I do see him, when I tell him I love him I'm going to sound like a frickin' toad.

"Are you okay, Tash?" Alice glanced at me.

I clasped my beating chest. "Not really."

"Relax, it's gonna be fine."

"Yes, I'm sure it will." I took a deep breath in. Yeah, nothing to worry about, nothing at all. I closed my eyes. Oh please. Thanks to that four letter word, now my heart is walking the plank. Chris has it now, and he's either going to take care of it, or throw it overboard and feed it to the sharks.

I tried to fall asleep, but continued to dwell on the impending possibilities instead. He mentioned that he had some family issues. What could be happening with them that's causing toil in our relationship? Or maybe he used that as a cover-up, an excuse for him being missing in action, but really, he just wants to end things with me for good. God I hope not. I don't think I'd be able to bear it if he left me, like he did two years ago when he walked out of that food court without looking back. Well he sorta did, but it was more like glimpses as he continued walking forward.