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GETTING JASPER BACK to camp had proved more difficult than they thought, especially since they also had dinner with them. Bellamy carried the animal that Pheonix had speared over his shoulders using some sort of parachute that came from the dropship. Phoenix walked in tandem with him, still holding on tight to the spear she took.

"They're back!" People started yelling as they approached the group.

Monty was the first one to come up, asking if Jasper was alive. He was relieved to hear that he was, and was ordered to get some makeshift supplies for Clarke. Phoenix helped get Jasper in the ship, lying him down on the cool floor. Before she could even think about going back outside, Clarke stopped her. Her wound needed to be cleaned and wrapped before it got infected.

Of course, Phoenix said nothing, but let Clarke help her anyway. The blonde quickly cleaned the stab wound, using only water since they didn't have anything else. She ripped a piece of of her jacket off, gently wrapping it around her wrist.

Phoenix nodded her head as a thank you, and surprisingly, Clarke understood and told her she was welcome. Before Clarke could try to talk to her, Phoenix climbed down the ladder of the drop ship, heading outside to finally eat.

The fire that the group had built was blazing, pieces of the wild cat being cooked over it. Several sticks were placed out, the meat that had already been cooked on them. Phoenix walked up to Murphy, who seemed to be in charge of cooking. He gave her a smirk, holding out a stick for her, "If you want to eat, you gotta say something."

Her eyes narrowed, and he continued to stare at her with his dumb smirk. She balled up her fists, ready to strike when Bellamy walked up. He was quick to diffuse the situation, stepping between the two.

"Hey, hey," He looked to Murphy, shaking his head. "The deal was the wrist band come off for food. She took hers off earlier, she gets to eat."

Murphy rolled his eyes, begrudgingly holding the stick out to her, "I just wanted her to speak."

Phoenix snatched the stick from him roughly before flipping him off. She went into the dropship as Clarke and Finn walked out. With nothing better to do, she decided to watch Monty attempt to make a communication device out of the wrist bands. It seemed difficult to her, and found herself slightly inching closer as she tried to focus on everything he was doing.

He also noticed, and handed her a bracelet, "Here, I'll walk you through it."

She took it with a smile, watching and listening to him explain what he could about engineering. There she sat, sharing the cat meat with Monty, as she learned about stuff that could be useful. Phoenix, in a strange way, was finally getting what she always wanted. She wanted to learn, she had plenty of people to learn from. She could learn about electronics from Monty, about medicine from Clarke, how to have fun from Octavia. All the stuff she never had the chance to learn, she was learning down here. Phoenix decided that she liked Earth. Not just for its beauty and odd creatures, but for its opportunities besides the dangers.

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