10 - Sisterhood

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Isle of Orris - 400 Years Ago

Their greatest gift had always been each other, powerful alone but much more so as a collective. The six white witches of the oriental were the most powerful beings in the mystic realm, then there were the celestials who were infinite beings. The orientals were touched by the diviners and blessed with magic directly from their core. It was why their essence was sapphire blue and their eyes the color of the angels, gold.

It was after the oriental witches discovered the impasse, they formed the pact of the white witches of the oriental. They claimed it as their own and thrived off its incredible energy.  Ira, matron of the coven and guardian of the stone Bremiis, the evils that be, pulled Julieta aside, away from their sisters.

For centuries, in a time before they existed, men and the supernatural had argued and fought for dominion. The stones had passed from one damned lineage to another, until now. It rested with them and the only way to protect them and the powers that be was to link in sisterhood instead of waging war against each other to amass the powers of all six stones for oneself.

What Ira knew for a fact was that no one of them was near as powerful as Sapphire, for the ability to see the many possible futures and with the help of the power of the impasse, tweak it, was the greatest power in all the worlds and Sapphire possessed that.

"What do you see?" Ira had asked Julieta. "How can we end this war and usher in a new age of peace?"

Sapphire shook her head. "Nothing that concerns the war Matron," she paused deliberately and assessed Ira. "I fear a utopia is far within reach in a world where mystic and mundanes are too headstrong to understand the need for cohabitation matron."

Ira closed her eyes, exhaling a sigh. She nodded to Julieta and returned to the others at the core.

Julieta's lips lifted in a sly smile. She had lied to Ira but it was a necessary evil. She couldn't disclose what she'd seen, revealing it would undo that future. One where she would be the mother of a celestial, things had to play out exactly as they were meant to. Stories of her betrayal and deceit, if ever found out, would be told for ions. But it would hold no candle to the tales of her immense power and how she would rise from the ranks of oriental to celestial. She combed her fingers through her snow white hair, adjusted her dress and rejoined her sisters by the core.


Emerald Beach - Limbo

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Emerald Beach - Limbo

The Rowan sisters chanted, hands linked around the large foggy well with eyes glowing red.

Sarah Croft stood at the mouth of limbo, watching them quietly. She stole a glance at the sky and half hissed. Sure, Rebrook was a gloomy, dark wilderness, a whole other world immersed in clandestine history and sinister most of the time, but this was different.

Whether or not it was clear to the citizens of Rebrook right now, this was the last October they would ever truly know peace, the last October before everything that had been considered fairly normal would change. The void had completely shattered and the white ray of light shooting into the sky from The Impasse was visible in all of Rebrook, to both mystic and mundane, it was only a matter of time before it broke through the dome.

The wraiths and demons were prancing about the darkness collecting slowly in the hollow of the release, the leviathans would emerge soon enough, then Rebrook would truly be lost, for good.

"She woke," Ophelia's voice broke into her thoughts. Sarah Croft turned to the witches. Their connection was broken and they were facing her now.

"I'm sorry?" Sarah wondered.

"Amelia. She woke, right next to the impasse. She destroyed it's hold completely and all other cloaks about the city, ours too," Layla revealed. "We need to evacuate the city and prepare for war Sarah."

Sarah chuckled. "War? Do you honestly believe this is one battle we can win? One we can fight?" she questioned. "It is time to evacuate both mystics and mundanes, Layla. There's no fighting this."

Layla walked up to the black-haired vampire who was the spitting image of her mother. She was wearing the burgundy leather jacket she frequented. Her shoulder long hair was parted neatly down the middle and her daring eyes held Layla's boldly.

"We cannot abandon our city to these evils, Sarah, it's our home, all we've known. It's only a matter of time before the dome collapses and then the world will suffer," Layla argued calmly.

"What other choice is there? Layla, you seem to have forgotten how much we lost and how little we have left. War is not an option," Sarah replied. "Our numbers cannot take this. Are you willing to lose what is left of your sisterhood in a war we cannot win or try to salvage what we have left?"

Layla stole a glance at her sisters. Sarah was right, they were outnumbered and out powered. If there was ... She paused and turned back to Sarah with a hopeful smile.

"Amelia. We need her," Layla said.

"The one who caused all of this in the first place?" Sarah frowned as she folded her arms across her chest. "What could you possibly need her for?"

"Her powers. If she truly woke, then we can harness her powers to repair the void and return the evils. She's all the magic we need Sarah," Holly said, stepping forward towards Layla and Sarah. Sarah looked from one Rowan sister to the other and nodded to them.

"Alright," she sighed heavily. "What do you need from me?"

"We need to find her," Louise said.

"Bring me something of hers, anything from her place. We can scry for her and I will go to her," Layla suggested. "I believe she will be more receptive toward me."

Sarah nodded yet again. "Alright. I'll get right on that," she smiled to them and flashed off out of Limbo.

The Rowan sisters turned back to the well. Layla turned to the sky and watched the beam of light and the creatures hovering about it. Four hundred years of peace, how fitting the end would be.

"Julieta will not let us at her daughter easily matron," Hannah said to Layla. Their matron turned to her. "Or did you forget about the oriental witch?"

Layla smiled, no she didn't. She wanted desperately to avoid any encounter with the oriental. The circle wasn't powerful enough to take her. She turned back to the sky somehow, she was hopeful in the face of all this. Amelia wasn't their doom as the others thought, she would be their saving grace, one only needed to truly discover who she really was.

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