09 - The Powers That Be

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The Tree of Mayhem - The Impasse

Amelia read the book for the millionth time. She'd managed to read almost all the books in the little library over and over again. It was more a recount of stories she'd heard all her life, stories she knew by heart. She never once thought any of it was real. She set the book down on the well laid single bed in the small room of the cottage and wrapped her arms around herself, an attempt to manage the chill creeping in.

Julieta had documented the history of all six of the white witches in hopes that one day she would read it.

Sapphire. It was why she called her that, named after her mother's stone. The flashes she got were visions, she was a seer and it was incredible to have the ability to glimpse the future or the past like she did with Ian.

The knock on the little bedroom door was almost inaudible. She could tell them apart from the sound of their knock.

"Ian for the millionth time, I am not leaving this cottage. You're free to take your leave if you want," Amelia threw. The door creaked open and Mason stepped in.

He noticed the surprise in her bewitching golden eyes and smiled. She'd mistaken him for the Croft fixer.

"I didn't think the day would come when you'd knock like you weren't chasing demons or vice-versa," she said to him.

Mason laughed at her accurate analogy of his personality. She climbed off the bed and walked up to him.

"I came to say farewell. I've never been gone so long without a word to my league," he said to Amelia. She simply ogled at him, in assessment making him wonder what about him she was trying to figure out. He brought his hand up to her face and gently stroked the line of her jaw. She was like silk against his fingertips. A delicate beauty. "This is the part where you respond."

"May I go with you? I would love to see the Lycan settlement."

"Really?" Came Ian's pained voice from behind Mason. "You'd go with him and not me?" Ian asked. Mason stepped to her side to allow her view. "Amelia..."

"Lady Croft seeks to detain me, Ian. I cannot readily go from frying pan to fire," she reminded him. "We should leave, something's coming," Amelia walked out past Ian. They'd been here over eight hours and all Ian had done was nag about leaving.

She pushed the door open and stepped out of the cottage. They followed after her, it was nighttime now and she loved the icy breeze it brought. Mason inhaled sharply from behind her and she turned to him. Sure, she was drawn to Ian in an inexplicable way, but Mason, there was something about his primal ferine nature that excited her. He ogled at her as she did him and she couldn't help but smile at the electric intensity of his gaze. He reeked of danger and she wanted it, craved it.

"I should go," Ian said calling her attention back to him. He went to her and managed a weak smile to her, she returned it. "I'll send words when I can."

Amelia nodded. "You know where to find me."

Ian turned to Mason. "Keep her safe." He said to Mason. Mason half smiled to him. A subtle but crass dismissal. Ian knew not to tell the impossibly headstrong alpha what to do but he meant that as sure as the sky needed the blue.

"Be careful Ian. The evils are swarming the city," Amelia warned. "Stay on the path the Sidhe's guard. They'll see you safely home."

Ian eyed her suspiciously, nodded and breezed off with the inhuman speed of his breed that was impossible for mundanes to catch. She turned to Mason.

"After you," she said to Mason.

"You know you probably shouldn't leave the cottage," he advised, an advice he wished she wouldn't heed. He wanted her with him. He wanted those golden eyes that saw deep into his soul to only look at him that way.

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