Chapter 11: What hurts worse

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'Who'd knew we'd be needing so much, We keep finding ourselves broken, Tossed in the yard with the bones, And let's forget whatever we know, knowing all too little too late'

Lilianna ran. She sprinted out of the viewing room, to the elevator, and straight out of the penitentiary onto the plane. Ten minutes later Hardy stepped onto the jet with her satchel and found her curled up in the corner shaking and rocking back and forth.

"How did he know?" She whispered in shock.

"I don't know. But it's okay cause we're going home now."

Lilianna suddenly remembered how she had gotten to the airport in the first place and her heart started to race again. What if Otis and Mikale were waiting for her there? What if they had taken the car and she was stranded? What if they were waiting at home for her, ready to unleash their wrath upon her?

She quickly rummaged through her purse for her phone to see if there were any calls. Otis had called a few times, Mikale had sent nothing, Commodore texted her asking why Mikale didn't have a car and then responded with a message saying Mikale was scarily calm for what had happened.

"I'm doomed." She sighed when she realized just how bad this day was going to get.

The plane landed and the two therapists stepped off. On the tarmac was the Range Rover and no signs of any other human. She sighed with relief knowing she was safe for a few more minutes and hurried to the car. She pulled the keys from her bra and got into the warm leather interior.

"You're fucking lucky I have a spare key."

Lilianna screamed and whipped around in her seat. On the opposite side in the back was Mikale looking very angry indeed.

"You're lucky Vendetta loves you otherwise I would shoot you dead right here right now on this tarmac." He said lowly, his voice calm and unwavering. "You're very lucky Lilianna. Very lucky that you have all the odds stacked up so you don't get in huge shit. You're very lucky. However, I'm still going to layout some punishments when we get home, do not think for one second that I'm-"

"I had to, you know I had to." She cut him off.

"You were acting out irrationally Lilianna. You could have gotten very hurt. You defied strict orders from me when I said you go nowhere without one of us. This is a problem Anna and I am not going to let that slide." He snapped.

"I had to go, I'm not your toy!"

"I'm aware of that but you're our job. It is my job to be with you everywhere you go. It is my job to drive you places and accompany you in your day to day life. I know you don't like it but it's my job, just like you have to go see Terrence. However, you make it really fucking hard for Otis and I to do our job when you do shit like steal my keys to my fucking car and go on a joy ride!" He slowly raised his voice more. A lone tear slowly started to make its way down Lilianna's face. Her bottom lip trembled as she tried to think of a way to back herself up.

"Don't you dare cry," Mikale warned her.

"I can't- I just- he-" she started.

"No. Lilianna. You cannot just cry your way out of this. No, Anna, I am mad at you, and you can't just-"

"He knew I was there and I ran and Hardy and the questions-" she rambled on.

"Anna stop crying. This is not helping anyone. Anna. Anna stop. Anna, I'm serious, stop." Mikale tried to get through to her but she just kept crying. Her sobs were starting to show through and Mikale sighed in defeat. A crying Anna was not one he would reason with or one he could be mad at, it was one he was going to hold and comfort. He was a sucker for crying girls, especially his little cupcake that was Lilianna.

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