( prologue )

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the prologue.

m y  m i n d wandered, dancing through my fuzzy thoughts as i rubbed my eyes awake, feeling flakes of left over mascara fall onto my olive complexion. i lightly hit around my bed covers as i sat up, trying to feel for the pair of white knit socks that slipped off my feet overnight.

"and that's how i had a steamy make-out session on my grandma's roof with multiple guys-" a female voice spoke, popping the t in 'that's'. "are you even listening?!" the now recognized roommate clapped her hands in front of me, jolting me to attention.

"yes sadie!" i quickly remarked, as she twirled a strand of her long shiny ember colored hair around her skinny finger, a dark maroon manicure lavishly done on each nail.

"could've said i watched a dog commit incest and you wouldn't of gave a shit," she scoffed. in no time, the aroma of fresh hot coffee filled my nose, signaling it was time i start actually getting ready.

taking the que, i slowly shuffled from my comfortable position and sluggishly stepped down the skinny ladder of our bunk bed. squinting at myself in our cream vanity on the opposite wall, i mumbled, "twenty eighteen, you better be a good ass year," and put cherry lipstick graciously over my chapped lips.

"millie we're out of creamer- and sugar!" sadie yelled from our tiny kitchen. there immediately goes this good year, right out the door!

"can we just get starbucks?" she whined, taking a hesitant sip of her dark steamy drink as i entered the room. "we're on a budget, you know that," i yawned, chugging down the cheap and bland breakfast.

i then brushed my teeth with a blue mint toothpaste, the taste goes horribly with the left over coffee in my mouth. i combed through my shoulder length light brown hair, and studied the apparent highlights peaking through from the roots that must be new.

well who cares, it's college, nobody to impress. i styled my hair into an effortless yet cute bun, leaving strands out the sides, and threw on a pair of skinny dark ripped jeans as well as a baggy light grey sweatshirt.

glancing at my phone's digital clock, i was proud, surprisingly i'm on time? i exited the dorm room with a goodbye, quietly heading to my earliest class. i wonde- "jesus!" i exclaimed as a hard object bumped the back of my head aggressively.

"forgot your dick!" sadie sneered, laughing before waving back to me. i mean i guess it looked fine to eat, i picked up the bruised banana into a firm grasp in my hands, realizing my cream pink nail polish already was chipping from the night before.

third person pov;

in arrival on another dreaded monday, millie spotted her now two year strong best friend already in his seat.

she recognized his common thrown together attire, similar to hers, as his deep rich brown curls laid atop his head messily but somehow perfect.

millie brown and finn wolfhard were the dynamic duo, their friendship was envied of and admired by. they knew everything about each other, like how millie still has her v-card and finn never learned to tie his shoes until sophomore year in high school.

they met at a new years party during junior year, and grew extremely close ever since. it never really mattered when their friends teased them about dating, as their friends would never understand what bond the two made.

with a smile creeping upon her face, millie chucked the banana straight at his head and surprisingly, she hit! "what the fuck!" finn called out loudly, feeling the back of his head and turning around.

millie was in tears of laughter which made it pretty obvious who the attacker was, throwing her head back in entertainment. a few others laughed with her having witnessed the event, and returned back to their conversations.

the boy stood up and grabbed the yellow fruit on the floor behind him, and calmly walked over to her with a smile as she stopped laughing.

"woah, what's up with you mr.serious pants!" she giggled, bumping him on the shoulder.

he didn't answer and held out the banana for her to take, an undeniable smile still on his face. "dude," millie wrapped up her giggling and looked into his eyes. they were always a welcoming dark maple color, contrasting to her lighter honey hued eyes.

"new year new me," finn slowly spoke out, and threw the fruit across the classroom just as she was about to snatch it from his hands.

"ugh you know i despise that joke," millie groaned, which only made him laugh. "i was going to eat that as well, idiot," she pouted, sliding out her usual spot next to him.

"dork," he joked, lightly flicking the side of her arm. "oh you little-" millie gave him a playful slap back on his arm.

they continued the petty little game until finn drew a surrender, giving up on the silly antics. before speaking again, he loudly cleared his throat.

"so i have a-uh proposition for you," he tapped his pencil, kicking his feet up on the desk as the professor wasn't in the room yet.

millie snorted not knowing what to say. "seriously, i mean it," finn sighed, pausing his rhythmic beats and looking over at her.

"mmm okay finnie, what is it?" her chin rested upon her palm as she waited for the next words spoken out of the boys mouth.

before starting his sentence he took a deep inhale, "you see, i like this girl and i- i want you to help me get her?" finn turned away, and she rested a comforting hand on his skinny wrist.

for millie this was quite surprising, all the girls would swarm over him, of course leaving out herself and maybe a few others.

she watched as he looked over to another side of the room, knowing how much this could possibly mean to him. he wasn't one to throw girls away, he really was "mr.serious pants," in that department. that's partly why most girls and even boys were attracted to him, another big fraction in the equation was his extremely good looks.

millie also has picked up on his fresh yet comforting scent that was somehow always there, which was another factor on the list. anyway.

"you want me to help you, and i will, but what if i ruin it?" she questioned with a ring of concern in her voice, he turned over with a comforting smile that dismissed her nervousness. "you're my best friend mills, i know i can trust you."

"and you can for sure trust me...mmm well now whose the lucky lady?" she followed his gaze across the room to maddie ziegler. she was absolutely perfect; long straight dirty blonde hair, attractive face and frame, beautiful ocean blue eyes, and an incredible dancer. millie thought it was kinda funny how she wasn't any one of those things, although her self confidence still remained high as always.

"you want me to get you and maddie together? hm..." she pretended to ponder for a bit, "do i have a due date for all this?"

"well as quick as you can, it would be fucking amazing! by the end of the college semester no later," his eyes were cheerful as he turned back around to daydream about maddie again. "you're the even bigger dork, remember that," millie teased.

"tha-" "hey no don't thank me, this is what best friends are for," she reminded him, his freckles upturned in the evidence of a warm smile.

the professor finally entered and the deal was settled, millie would have to figure out a good way to hook up her best friend. she didn't know what she was doing and she wouldn't let finn know that. however, would it really be that hard taking everything into consideration? she would have to confide help on it with noah or possibly sadie, but other than that, she expected a smooth run.

but it wouldn't be that easy.


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