Classic Flirting

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Bishop: now to the next dare.

Lemondrop: Dear oh least this dare isn't going to break anyone

Silence: Ya sure bout that?

Ricochet: Sure about what?

Dusk: Long story..

Voodoo: Well... we got some good news... Stardust has time to join in.

Lemondrop: Out of all dares and asks we've received she has time to join this one... well, at least she wasn't around when the...incident happen with Marie...

Stardust: ...

Loxo: Oh looky there. Its Rose's other wi*hic*fe. Sho noice to she you...*hic*

Voodoo: *sighs* If you read the last dare you'll know why he's like this. When's Alpha Bloods gonna come back anyways?

Bishop: One sec *goes to call Bloody* Fck no service... 

Ricochet: oops

Bishop: What did you do? 

Ricochet: .... *slowly backs out of room*

Bishop: *sighs* Welp

Lemondrop: Well... we certainly don't know when Classy will show up so... um... how have things been for you Star? Please ignore any possible comments Loxo has to say by the way...the last dare was...something to say the least...

Stardust: ...oookay...anyways, life has could be better though. Other than that, I'm good, I guess.

Loxo: Has Rose not been treating chu right? How bad of Rose to do dat to their w-

*walks into the room* Alright, Marie is back in inkopolis. I see that Loxo is still in a drunk and sick mess. Did we receive anyth- Oh hey TT. Didn't expect you here.

Bishop: Yep you have a dare. Sup Terra

Stardust: What's good, guys?

Dusk: Hey there Star!

Silence: Oh Hey Star. Meet Ricochet *points at Ricochet* Rico meet Star *points at Star*

Ricochet: H-Hi 

Silence: *looks at Rico and raises an eyebrow*

Ricochet: I don't really like meeting new people...

Stardust: I don't know if I should be offended or not

Voodoo: Don't mind him...he's new. And for the record, Rico... They're an inkling. Not a human.

*looking at the dare* So this is my dare? Flirt? Well I sure don't mind.

Lemondrop: *gently nudges Star towards Bloody* I'm sorry, but I need a break from all this!!!

Stardust: I don't mind. You do need a break, I do agree. Don't pressure yourself too much, you might permanently break yourself by popping a blood vessel

Lemondrop: *nods* If only they'd give me a break...

Voodoo: Loxo take no-

Loxo: There's so many of you! So many that I can sh*hic*ip you with more than one per*hic*on..

Voodoo: ...Well... least Silence is recording this. Right?

Silence: yep *gives thumbs up*... wait... lens cap... *removes lens cap* Ok now I am *gives thumbs up again*

Ricochet: Loxo take this pill *gives a pill to Loxo*

Bishop: what does it do? 

Ricochet: *whispers* Heals the consumer from any sickness or effects of toxins.. Drowsiness may be a side effect.

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