Chapter 3: Home Sweet Home

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"H-how did you do that?" She scans me from head to toe clutching her bag against her chest.

                Somehow my body has teleported to my projection; this has never happened before. If I could teleport I'd never leave my body in silly places like beneath a bench. How many of the myths are true? There's no doubt that this ability would make things a lot easier for me, but could I replicate it? Could I not only teleport my body to my projection but my projection away from my body so I don't have to walk so far?

                "I knocked you out cold back there. How. Did. You. Do. It?" Her tone demands an answer but all I can do is shrug. If I knew I probably wouldn't tell her, but I have no idea.

                "You'd better tell me. There's not even a spell in the grimoire for that." She raises her left hand. I duck. She looks like she's ready to throw another wave my way and I'd like to avoid that thank you very much. I can honestly say it wasn't very pleasant the first time around.

                "I don't have a grimoire." I say truthfully, however I withhold the fact that I don't need a spell book to astral project, or teleport apparently. "However, I saw you take one off a dead guard. Interesting to see the King's own daughter stealing from him."

Of course, I know what her relationship with her father is like after witnessing the scene from earlier, but she doesn't need to know that. I'm one who likes to keep my secrets to myself.

"What are you going to do? Huh? Rat me out? Because if I have to be a b*tch I can easily tell them about you using unauthorized magic and stealing this book here. No one in their right mind would believe you over me." She fires her words off and her eyes sparkle with the threat.

It looks like the Princess has more spunk than I thought. But deep down I know she's not going to turn me in. She's just trying to scare me off. Sorry Princess. Not going to happen.

                Giving her a small smile with a shrug, "I don't think you will."

                Her face hardens, as she tries to hide her surprise but it doesn't work. "And why is that?" She finally snaps back.

                "You would have to go back to your father." I suggestively mutter. She brushes a loose curl off of her face and her shoulders drop just a little bit. While she is no longer terrified that I'm going to hurt her, she still doesn't trust me.

                That's okay, because I don't trust her either.

                "I was taking it to the rebellion, okay?" She admits rubbing the back of her neck. Sure, it seemed like there were some people in the rebellion that had access to some magic. Everything the rebellion seemed to have magic wise seemed small. Nothing like what could be contained in this grimoire.

                "So, the pretty Princess is just going to walk right up the rebel leader and hand over a grimoire. And then she lives happily ever after? Yeah, right." I grunt. While her plan is selfless, it is pretty damn stupid.

                "Luka!" My brother's concerned shout cuts the Princesses next words off and I hear a slight click of her tongue. My sister does the same thing when she's annoyed, but I'm kind of grateful for the interruption.

                "What the hell? I found you unconscious and then you vanished." Grant whispers eyeing the Princess apprehensively, but he doesn't seem to recognize her. I'm not too surprised; the King has kept his daughter pretty much locked up. She doesn't even come out for the festival in her father's honor every year. I probably wouldn't have recognized her if I hadn't seen her in the castle.

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