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Ava-"What's taking Soph so long?"

Ella-"I don't know."

Ava-"Maybe she fell?"

Isla-"Yeah she fell in the toilet."

I stuck my tongue out at her and she did it back.

Ella-"My god. You two are such children." Ella sighed.

Ava-"She started it!" I said crossing my arms.

Ella shook her head and rolled her eyes. We waited for Soph a couple minutes longer until I decided I was going to find her. I found the bathroom and as soon as I got there Soph was wiping her hands on her jeans.

Ava-"There you are! We've been waiting for you for ages."

Soph-"Sorry." She mumbled because she was still wiping her hands.

The rest of the day Soph seemed like she was day dreaming. Maybe she was tried, I don't know. I didn't ask her but I suppose it doesn't matter.

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