Chapter 18: You Don't Need To Do This

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"Stories?" She looked up at me with a small yet sweet smile.

"My mother used to tell incredible stories about her and my father...all mates actually. When I was young I believed every word she said, but as I grew up I realized how impossible it could be. She would say that mates could lick the other one's wounds, to heal them." Her eyes sparkled as she relived a memory, touching her soft scars with the black pad of her paw. Larkin fell silent, it was unbelievable to believe but...its all I could believe at the moment.

"Wow....." A smile grew on my face at the actual possibility of it, I could heal her. I shook my head and shifted, she blushed and turned away but I didn't care.

Nicole's P.O.V.

He shifted in front of me, making me quickly look away from. He chuckled lightly before running his soft fingers over my fur, letting each hair slide between his fingers. I shiver and let out a quiet purr as he pets my new scar. I looked over, keeping my eyes above his waist. Thorns stuck out of his skin, his arms, legs, chest, back, and even a few on his face. Scratch marks were decorated along his forearms and one long one stretched along his chest. Red blood drenched his white skin, making my wolf lips frown. He continued to pet my scars, lost in thought with his wolf. I leaned forward and wrapped my lips around the thorn sticking out of his cheek. He gasped softly as I pulled it out, spitting it out of my mouth. His eyes were slightly wide but a smile played with his busted lip. My ears perked up as I looked at the blood pouring out of his bottom lip. Before I knew it, Victoria was in control. I sat up and wagged my tail, my head cocking to the side and my ears flopping over. He chuckled as he used his leg to cover himself. I leaned forward, sniffing him softly. He stayed frozen, not from fear but surprise. I licked the wound on his lip, well Victoria did as I screamed and covered my blushing face. His body tensed, making the muscles in his arms flex. I licked the blood clean from his lip and before I knew it the cut was gone.

"Victoria..." He breathed lowly as she pulled back, a goofy grin played on her face as she tackled him. He let out an "oof" as she stood over him, she began to lick the other wounds on his body.

"You don't need to do this. I'll heal on my own." He tried to push her off but that only made her growl, she pushed his arms down with her paws and flicked her tail as a warning. He could have easily moved, but he stayed where he was. She licked every wound on his body that she could find without getting to close to his nether region.

"Are you done?" She looked up at his beautiful face, the sincere adoration in his eyes was astonishing. She barked once before licking his cheek, his smile grew larger at the small action. She hopped off his body as he stood and dusted himself off, we searched the trees for a bit before we came upon an outfit for the both of us. Well...sort of. We found a pair of black basketball shorts and a long white shirt. He pulled the shorts on and tossed the shirt in the air, I jumped back slightly and caught it between my teeth. He chuckled and nodded at me, telling me to shift. I sighed softly before shifting in front of him.

I felt cold again once the fur evaporated from my body, quickly I grab the shirt and cover my chest. I pushed my legs together in an attempt to hide myself. I glance up at him shyly, feeling my cheeks burning to a new color. His jaw was tight, clenched shut. His eyes were pitch black, no joking or humor in sight. The beautiful yet terrifying black holes of his eyes looked up at me, noticing my gaze. He threw his head to the left, making me sigh in relief. I tug the shirt over my body and scowl at how much you could still see.

"Let's go," I speak as I start walking East, the direction of my now Alpha less pack. His feet crunched leaves as he walks behind me, I could feel his eyes piercing through my body, making me feel anxious. I dig my nails into my skin, feeling a cold chill ripple down my back. When my house came into view I perked up in excitement. I dashed to the door and popped it open, fear shredding me to pieces. Before I could control it, a scream escaped me. My mother and Zane froze at the noise there eyes glancing at me as they harshly stopped their intercourse. I spun around and shuddered, wrapping my arms around Eli's torso and breathing him in to calm myself. His body vibrated with laughter as I heard then scurry around, trying to find their clothes.

"Honey! What are you doing here!" My mom screamed, I glance behind me to see herself wrapped up in a sheet since her clothes had been ripped to shreds. Zane was now wearing black denim jeans and pulling a gray shirt over his head. Once our eyes locked I sent the most terrifying glare I could muster his way. His body tensed slightly as he rubbed his neck awkwardly.

"Mom...I live here." She looked down as I spoke, her face bright red.

"Sorry, you had to see that." She mumbled I bite my lip to hold back the smile.

"It's okay...but keep it in your pants unless you wanna do it behind closed doors please." Eli chuckled as they both turned a brighter red. I rolled my eyes and tried to push the images out of my mind. Victoria was on the same track as me, she laid on her stomach and covered her white eyes with her paws. I giggled as I stepped in and closed the door after Eli walked in.

"So." We all turned our attention to Eli, me and mom having to look up but Zane just had to move his eyes upward. Zane was maybe 6 feet, Eli was maybe 6'6 in height.

"I've killed Alpha Kane, so we need to leave. Sooner the better." Moms jaw dropped and Zane's eyes widen.

"He tried taking her from me again, I wasn't gonna stand by and let it happen." Zane nodded once in respect and mom just stared.

"So, start packing." Mom seemed to knock herself out of the trance. She nodded and turned to Zane, instructing him to go home and pack. He nodded and jogged out the door, mom went to her room and I followed Eli to mine. He leaned on the wall near the door and gave me a pointed look.

"You don't need to pack any clothes. Just stuff that means a lot to you. Actually, bring one outfit but that's it." I rose a brow, why can't I bring my clothes.

"I'm gonna have my sister take you shopping once we get there. A women like you, my mate, and a Luna should be dressed for the part." He laid a kiss to my forehead and cupping my cheek, I savored his scent before going to grab my backpack.

"Um...can you do something for me?" I asked, keeping my eyes from him.

"Anything my Queen." I bite my lip, the nickname still getting to me.

"Do you know those one flowers that sit on Lilly pads in the water? Water Lilly's? you think you could find a few for me?" He raised a brow as I glanced at him, he ran his hand through his white hair and sighed.

"I'll be back in 20. Be done packing by then." He laid a kiss to the top of my head and took in my scent. With that, he turned and walked out of the house with his hands deep in his pockets.

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