Carry Her Inside

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Trigger Warning:


Once there was
a child from Nantucket

who thought
it'd be easier to kick the bucket

than to face
bullies at school each day;

she couldn't see
any other way.


So she considered
how to die each night;

laid her head
on a pillow of frights;

then in nightmare,
her soul would surge

with darkness
trying to purge

itself from her body,
waking her empty.


What would happen
if only once, she could

go to school
without fear of someone cruel?

What if, for an hour,
friends gathered to say

she is worth enough
to treat her better

to balm the pain
of yesterday;


Since I still
carry her inside,

I know
she made it out alive;

but since I still
carry her inside,

I fight harder
just to survive.

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