🎉17th Birthday🎉- Cole

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It's the big day! At least for you. Your a senior in high school, you can date now, and who wouldn't want to be turning 17!?!?

This year, because this is a very special birthday, you wanted to do something very special.

A brother, sister fancy dinner night! Because your father isn't there for you, Cole has taken that place so it's kinda like a daddy, daughter night, but with your brother instead.

There was a really nice place in Ninjago city that's is an amazing place to go get a very nice dinner.

And right now, Nya was helping get you dressed up for this very special night.

You were in a dress that she had gotten for you.

(What color would this dress be for you?)

(What color would this dress be for you?)

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Nya smiled at how beautiful you were. "You look amazing Y/N." She said doing the finishing touches on your hair.

You smiled as you looked in the mirror. "Thanks, I can't believe I'm 17 now..it's almost scary." You said looking yourself over.

Nya turned you so you were looking at her. "Y/N, your brother loves you so much, and you have all of the rest of us as well. So don't be scared, we are all here for you."

You smiled at the encouragement she gave you. "Can I tell you something, before I tell Cole later?" You asked.

"What is it?" She asked in response.

"IhaveacrushonZane!" You said quickly.

Nya smiled happily, absolutely overjoyed for you. "Really!? That's amazing!" She said.

You sigh in relief. "Thanks! I hope Cole takes it that way too.."

"I'm sure he will. After all you are allowed to date now." She stated.

"True, anyway, thanks again for helping me out. I should go meet Cole." You said and got up from your spot.

Nya nods watching as you walked downstairs. "Hmmm, Y/N x Zane. I ship it." She grinned.

Cole was waiting downstairs in a nice outfit waiting for you to come down. And when you did he smiled. "You look amazing sis."

You smiled at your brother. "Thanks Cole, so um. What restaurant did you have in mind?" You asked.

"I just so happened to get a reservations at a brand new restaurant in ninjago city." Cole said with a confident smiled. Like he was proud of himself.

You chuckled at him. "Well, it better be good."

Cole just chuckled and lead you down the streets till the reached the restaurant, quite a nice looking one at that.

You smiled a bit, definitely surprised at the restaurant's amazingness. "This is so cool, it's almost like one of those places where the food is like $100 a dish." You stated.

Cole rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled a bit. "Well um, look, follow me to the table!" He smiled.

You followed Cole to the table and sat down across from him. The waitress came over to the table with a note pad in hand. "Can I get you two started off with something to drink?"

Cole nods. "I'll have a water, and my sister will have a F/D." He said as you smiled when he ordered you a glass of your favorite drink.

The young lady nods as she wrote down the drinks and gave both you and your brother a menu.

Cole looked over at you. "So, 17 now, I can't believe how fast you've grown up sis."

You gave a soft smile as you looked up from your menu. "Yeah, I can't quite believe it myself."

He chuckled at your reply. "Well, now that you are 17, you can date, but! He has to talk to me first. Got it?"

"I got it. Actually I um, I have something to confess..."

"What is it?" Cole asked as he chose what he was going to order.

"I like Zane a lot." You stated like it was no problem, and you said it with confidence.

Cole choked on his water when you said that the way you did. "What!? When did this happen? Does he know? Has Zane approached you about feelings for you?" Cole started to rapid fire questions your way.

You gave a small nervous chuckle. "Hey calm down, he doesn't know that a like him, but, now that I can date I want to tell him."

Cole just gave you this look. "Whatever, but, of he likes you back, he needs to talk to me. Like I said."

You gave a small sigh of relief. "Thanks bro."

"Anything for you sis, happy birthday."

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