~ two ~

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     As we drove away from the charming city of Liverpool, I watched the urban life slowly fade from my field of vision and transform into a slew of trees and fields. My heart sank as I realized I probably wont see this place ever again until I'm much older. I reclined into my seat and began to remember the last time I saw Stu and Pete.

     "Well, this is it, lads." I said, dropping my carry-on bag to my feet. "The dream team is ov-"

      "Don't say that, John." Pete growled. "Don't say that."

     Stu stared down at our feet and then back up, "We'll miss ye, John. Promise ye won't forget abou' yer bestmates?"

     "Course I wont, Stu, how could I?" I asked as I shrugged my shoulders, "We've known eachother for so long... our memories stretch out farther than the distance to Penny Lake and back."

     "How cheesy of ye, Lennon. I'm a bit shocked." Pete laughed.

     "Shut yer gob." I laughed, picking up the bag once again. "Yer a swine."

     "That makes the two of us then?" Pete shot back.

     "John!" Mimi's scratchy voice called out.

     I shot out of my day dream and looked in her direction, "Yeah?"

     "We're gonna be leavin' in," She checked her wristwatch, "two minutes."

     I gulped and nodded my head, "Right, okay. I'll start gatherin' me things."

     The car ride was long and laborious. Around 6 hours long, to be exact. The city life faded away into nothing but dense woods and greenery. Everything I once knew was slowly slipping away out of view. My friends and everyone I've ever known in Liverpool are left there. I've left them.

     We drove over rocky roads and tree branches. Far different from the paved streets of Liddypool. As we came to a screeching halt, I hopped out of the van we were packed tightly into and landed infront of a house onto a dirt road. A really, really old shack with walls that were barely held together.

     I dropped my carry-on bag by the door as it swung open with a creak.

     "This can't be real." I said, furrowing my brows. "This is some bloody cruel joke."

     "Nope. Not a joke." Mimi laughed, walking infront of me. "Now, go get some boxes, we've got a lot of work to do."

     For the rest of the night, we slaved away by carrying boxes from one side of the house to another. Each step we took caused the floor to creak an excessive amount. As I laid down on the floor with a thin blanket set out, I stared at the ceiling and thought about what the next day would bring. Mimi's already enrolled me in the local Secondary School and I'd be going there tomorrow.

    Although I'm not positive about what tomorrow will bring, I know it'll be quite the change.

     Who will I meet?

      No one, surely.

      I miss Stu and Pete, dearly.

      They both said I can write or call them whenever I wanted to, but it would never be the same. It would never be the same as seeing eachother in person.

     I need to just suck it up and deal with the fact that I'm far from Liverpool, now. Nohing I or anyone could ever do would be able to take me back to Liverpool. Mimi's right. I'm being a huge pansy about all of this.

     After pretty much beating myself up over all this for about twenty minutes, I drifted off into dream land and fell right to sleep.

     God only knows what tomorrow will bring to the table.

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