“Zayn, come on mate!” I hear Harry call after me.

We just came back from the studio and I was knackered. Right now, all I wanted to do was get in bed, sleep, and wake up to see Syreena dance for me.

“Zayn!” Harry comes running and stops in front of me.

“Move it, Styles. I’m tired,” I try to get Harry moving but it was a sad attempt.

“I want to see her dance too,” Harry looks me in the eyes.

“Who dance?” I question and look down. I could catch others lying but I was bad at lying. Especially with Harry. He was one of my best mates.

“The Dirty Angel.” Harry crosses his arms and smirks.

Shit. How did he find out about Syreena?

“I wanna see her dance tonight. I swear I won’t tell,” Harry gets on the floor and begs.

I look around the hallway, making sure no one could see us or hear us.

“Let’s do this inside,” I tell him and start opening the door to my flat.

Harry gets up from the begging position and enters the flat behind me. I close the door and throw my keys in the bowl near the door. Harry walks over to my living room and sits on the black leather couch, making himself comfortable. I sit adjacent by him and glower at him.

“How’d you find out about Syreena?” I scowl at him.

“She’s got a name?” Harry smirks at me.

“Yes,” I hiss. “She’s got a name. And you’re not answering the question Harreh,” I glower at him.

“Okay okay,” Harry puts up his hands in surrender. “I saw her coming out of your flat at 4 in the morning yesterday.”

“What were you doing up at 4 in the morning?”  I ask shocked.

“That’s not your business but this ‘Syreena’ chick is,” Harry looks at me. “How did she end up in your flat Zayn?” Harry asks sternly.

“She just did,” I say and with that, I ended that matter.

Syreena was my personal stripper whom I hired to entertain me. I got her after I came back from touring the States. She was good, really good at her job. Because of her, my sex has been excellent. But, no one even knew about her, not even the lads. I didn’t like keeping secrets from them, but Syreena didn’t want them to know. So, how did Harry end up knowing about this? That curly haired eyed wanted to see her at work and I had to agree to let him. Though, the curly haired boy promised not to tell a soul. I knew he’d keep the secret, but for how long? He would blurt it out one day. Sighing, I get up from the couch and poke Harry’s face.

“Harreh, go sleep in the bedroom,” I pat his head.

Harry shifts and lifts his head looking groggy. “Is she here?” He asks groggily.

“No mate.” I answer and help him up.

I walk him to my bedroom and toss him on my bed, his arms and legs were sprawled out and he looked pretty funny. I didn’t move him though, not wanting to disturb his sleep. I head over to the living room and sit on the couch, running a hand through my hair. It was 6 and Syreena was going to be here in an hour. I get up and get the place ready. I pat my pockets, making sure I had some condoms ready. Today was going to be interesting, especially with Harry joining the party.

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