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To whoever reads this,

You may not like the outcome, but I write this so that you understand a little better when it comes to Princess Gwendoline, daughter of Prince Charles and Lady Diana Spencer. It wasn't always easy, but life isn't supposed to be easy. It wasn't always nice, but life isn't supposed to be that way either. Princess Gwendoline is a complicated woman, much like her mother was and much like many other people are.

When you see a princess, what do you think? How nice are their lives? Do you think about all the dresses and tiaras they wear? Do you think that everything is perfect in their lives? Princesses are followed; princesses are hounded. Princesses have hard lives.

I will not share this all with you, but I attempt to share the summer of 2018 with you in the life of Princess Gwendoline. Some things you read you may not like, but that was how they happened. How do I know, you may ask. I know because she shared everything with me; I would've shared the rest of my life with her if she let me. I think we were headed in that direction anyway.

At times, it may be clunky, but I don't know what happened in the time that she didn't talk to me. Before we were we, she had a life, and in her life, she learned not to trust people. She learned that to be anything, you had to use everything you had. You had to crawl, bite and scream to get what you want. These are not princess-like things, but inside the monarchy, sometimes things aren't all princess-like.

I don't mean to say anything about the monarchy, and I don't mean to say anything rude about other people in passing. I just mean to give the account that she gave me. Sometimes she detailed things to perfection, and sometimes she said the most dramatic things in passing. I quickly came to realize when I started this relationship with her that she didn't know better sometimes. But that's the life of a princess.

In her complicated life, she looked like her mother, and sometimes acted like her as well. The public has an idea of Princess Gwendoline, like they did with Princess Diana, but in truth, they will never know the truth. One time, Gwen said to me that the magic of the monarchy came from no one knowing about what happened inside the monarchy. In truth, it was no longer the backstabbing it once was with everything vying for the crown and throne. No one wants the crown and throne now-- well, except for Prince Charles. Out of the three siblings-- William, Harry and Gwendoline-- none of them wanted it. William and Harry have their own reasons, and I know Gwen.

Gwen wanted her time in the spotlight, as any spare does. She wanted to be known as more than spare. And she tried so hard to be more than that. Sometimes I think that it worked out the way it did because she came out of the darkness and into the light. But I also know that it happened this way because a series of choices were set out in front of her. Gwen always wanted a choice, and when she got one, she ran with it.

People compare Gwen to her mother constantly. People compare Gwen to Princess Margaret too. I don't know much about these two women, but I do know Gwen. So, without further hesitation, here is Princess Gwendoline's last summer:

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