Toxin consumption

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Lemondrop: Isn't Classy supposed to be back now? They did take a long break. 

Bishop: *calls Bloody* Bloody, get your tail over here, ya got some asks

*through the phone* Seriously? Give me a break for fck sake... on my way. *beep* 

Voodoo: Hey, Dark gave another dare. This one is for Loxo. While we wait for Alpha Bloods to return we should have Loxo do his. 

Loxo: Let's do this!!! I can do this! Paw me some toxins!!!

Silence: *Makes a bunch of random toxins appear on a table in front of Loxo*

Voodoo: How...

Loxo: Who cares how!!! *looks at every toxin on the table* Which one should I drink first???

Lemondrop: this even safe?

Dusk:  ... Probably not.

Voodoo: Good this is if it's not then Alpha Bloods won't be traumatized by his ships...

Bishop: Due to legal issues, if he dies, we have to revive him...

Voodoo: Yet you were all okay with Alpha Bloods jumping out the window and standing there. Okay.

Dusk: Eh...

Bishop: They were fine.

Voodoo: Only be-


Loxo: *chugging down all the toxins at once*

Silence: R.I.F 

Dusk: Don't you mean R.I.P ?

Silence: Nope, R.I.F... Rest in Fanfiction

Loxo: *wipes the remaining substances from his lips* That was actually very good!!!

Voodoo: Wait for it....

Loxo: *covers his mouth* Nevermind!!! *runs out of the room*

Bishop: Welp.. that's done...

*walks into the room* I'm here. What's the ask?

Lemondrop: Dark was curious on your opinion on...drudiggon?

Hm? Drudiggon? You mean druddigon?

Lemondrop: I belive so...

Oh, that dragon type pokemon. It's pretty badass if you ask me. Decent stats, good backup moves, and it's ability it useful when the foe pokemon only has physical moves. That being rough skin. Sheer, I prefer rough skin honestly. I should probably find a way to get one in ultra sun... I already have two dragon types in my team so maybe if- fck, getting side tracked. So, yeah, druddigon is a pretty good pokemon even with no evolution.

Loxo: *burts into the room with green substance dripping from his mouth* Drinking that was not a good ideaaaa......bleh....

The hell happened to him?

Bishop: He had a dare.

Voodoo: And it was to drink some toxins...but he drank all of them in one go

*looks at Loxo* Dumbass....

Loxo: But I did my dare!!! Yaaayyy~ *face plants the ground*

...He'll be a'ight. Right?

Bishop: .... Um.. yeah ... *calls the ambulance* uh, Hi, yeah um Loxo drank toxins.....

911 operator: Sir, this is for emergencies only. Not to give us false situations for your entertainment. *hangs up*

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