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I woke up wen someone pour a water on me..

"Yah!you slut wake up!"jieun said until someone opens the door it was jimin
"Hyerim-ah why your clothes are went"jimin ask and he look at jieun

"Did u just pour it on her!"jimin scream at jieun until jin came in"yah! Jimin-ah why your screaming"jin said

And he looks at me while wipping the water on my face"oh my god!hyerim why your clothes are wet?"jin ask

"Jin oppa..u didnt know..this jieun girl pour a water on my little sisters face"jimin said still looking at jieun

Until my sister came in

"Guys break--hyerim!why your clothes are wet?"sohee said..and she went to me and whipe all the water on my face..

"Go and change..we all going to a bonding together"sohee said my face was light up"thank you unnie!"i said and hug her

I went to the bathroom an took a bath..
After showering i did my make up and went to get my clothes

After that i went down stairs

"Wow..you look pretty today"v said and i giggle and went to them"lets go"i said we were about to go but jungkook..didn't he just sit there

"Jungkook-ah you arent coming"jin said and he look at us and he shook his head"why?"v ask.."im going to hangout with jieun"jungkook said

"Why your always with that!!girl she is a demon..eve---"jimin got cut of by jungkook yell at him"dont say that hyung!"jungkook said

"Just stop!"i said.."just go and go with them jungkook"i said and i went towards the stairs

"Where are u going..?"v said and he went towards me and he pull me back
"Okay,i come but jieun has to come"jung kook said

"Fine!"jimin said and iu went down stairs and she took jungkooks arm and she smirk at me

"Lets get to a group.."jin said so i went to taehyung and jimin"can i be with u guys?"i said and jimin smile

And we all went out and the three of us just keep talking

Until we arrive at the thempark
And i drag jimin and taehyung to ride the viking and i can see iu smirking so she went to our side

And startes to brag..

And its now our turn..and we sit the ride startes moving i can hear jimin already screaming until it all went up

"Ahhhh!!help meee!!!im about to die!!"jimin said while keep screaming so me and taehyung started laughing

"This is so much fun!!"taehyung shout..

Wen i turn to jungkook and iu i can see that iu looking at us with discust face while jung kook looking jealous

"Yah!!im about to die!!help meee!"jimin said while keep shouting

Until the ride is over and jimin started walking out of the ride while me and taehyung started laughing

"Wah..i think i left my soul up there"jimin said and all of us laugh
"Oppa!lets go and get some cotton candy"i said

"Good idea!hyerim im craving of sweets!"jin said and we all went to buy some

(After that day)


(At the house)

"I dont think i can sleep in my room for today im feelling sick.."i said and taehyung pattend my back"sleep with me and your brother"taehyung said

"Really!"i said and he nodded"thank u oppa"i said and hug him"okay kids lets go to be its getting late.."jin said and all of us went to our room while i go to taehyung and jimin's room

I sleep with taehyung

(2:00 am)

I woke up..bc i got thirsty i went down stairs and get some water so i went back upstairs and went to the balcony

And i look to the stars

"What are u doing here?hyerim?"some one said so i turn around it was jung kook"oh j-jungkook,just getting some fresh air..how about u?"i said and took a sip on my water

"Oh i cant sleep"jungkook said"why?"i said"because of ---"jungkook got cut of by iu

"Jungkook!"iu said and she sit on jungkook lap she look at me and smirk

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