Welcome Back (manxman)

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Welcome Back

“Okay, yeah.” Isaac straightened in his chair. “I know, the contract is coming down to just us and Maggerfield, another new kid on the advertising block, but I’m telling you, I’ve got a secret weapon.”


Isaac hadn’t told his partner at Bridges, Denton, and Associates the good news about his lover returning to work for the company. He wanted it to be a surprise so he didn’t bother sharing it with anyone in the office.

“Oh yeah, what would that be, partner?” Silas Denton Junior’s sneer came through the receiver.

Isaac rolled his eyes, wishing he could punch the man in the mouth. “I’ll share that with you later, but I guarantee you, he will land this account.”

“Really? You seriously don’t mean the new intern, Oscar, right? The kid’s bright, but I don’t think he has what it takes to be working at Denton. Damn, I wish you could convince Jayden to come back and work for us.”

Isaac smirked and cocked an eyebrow. Though he wasn’t too fond of Silas he couldn’t hold in the news any longer. “So, what if I told you, he is…the weapon.”

“Seriously? Isaac, oh man!”

Isaac could hear the man’s excitement through the phone. He knew he liked Jayden as an employee and even more so as someone he could try schmoozing with. Despite the announcement of his engagement to Jayden just two weeks ago, Silas was determined to try turning Jayden’s head. And just to see Silas fail miserably, Isaac let it go on.

“Yep. He’s coming back in to meet with human resources soon. He’s hesitant about it, but I promised him he wouldn’t be getting a lot of flak from people around here and no special favors.”

Except after hours on the desk, under it…

Isaac smiled wickedly at the thought. The last time he and Jayden made love in the office was one of his last days before going to Rosario.

“That’s great news Isaac. You sure you’re not into sharing ‘cause…”

“Never in a million years, Silas. You know I’m not into that and neither is he.” Isaac shook his head, hoping this guy was kidding with that comment.

“Well, one could always ask and hope. Anyways, that’s good news. Perhaps he could teach the new interns something.”

Isaac leaned back again and plopped his feet up on the desk. “That’s what I was thinking.” Isaac toyed with a pen, twirling it with his fingers. Talking with Silas about the company business which he could’ve learned himself bored the hell out of him. If only Junior cared about this company like his rotten old dad did.

“Nice work, Isaac. Keep me abreast of the situation and let me know when that hot man of yours comes into the office.”

Isaac could hear the smile in his voice.


Never in life had he ever met someone as crude as Silas Denton Junior. “Uh, yeah, whatever, Silas. I gotta go. I’m meeting my lovely man for lunch−”

Just as Isaac was about to hang up, he heard a small knock then the door opened wide. Jayden stepped in dressed to the nines in a stylish black suit Isaac purchased for him as a gift for leaving Rosario. Unlike the night he picked him up from his apartment a while back, Jayden appeared refreshed with no facial hair and his eyes shining a bright light brown.

Although he’d clipped his luxurious black hair a few inches, it still reached the center of his back. He’d been working out as of late and taking kickboxing for self-defense. No matter what he wore, he looked all kinds of hot and delicious. Isaac couldn’t help but ogle Jayden and lick his lips.

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