End me already

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Bakugou: *dims the lights*

Midoriya: why are you dimming the lights?

Bakugou: because of power! And I wanna suck your d*ck..


Iida: hey Uraraka, can you pass me the water?

Uraraka: *throws the water in the air then kicks it mid-way*

Iida: why are you like this?


Sero: there's no words to describe you.

Kaminari: bish plz I'm fab!


Me: so I have a question.

Best Friend: yeah.. so what is it?

Me: is all for one Deku's dad? If so, does that mean Tomura might be his cousin? Or uncle? Or secret brother like the Todoroki lore?

Best Friend: ........ *mind blown*

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