Three Arrows

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❤️Every bite takes you home❤️

“This is actually very easy but you have to work with time and precision. Broiled lobster tails are a treat and your boujee customers seem to like them.”

Georgie hit Sam on his shoulders, frowning as he let out a chuckle. “Will you just show me? I can't get it right.”

“Like I said, precision. You're missing a few steps. Before broiling them, you have to wiggle your fingers around the connective tissues to loosen the meat.” He had four pieces of lobster tails beside him to show her. “Gently pull the meat through the incision and set it on top of the shell. Like this.”

She watched him carefully and followed his finger movements to the letter on another lobster tail. “Like this?”

“Exactly. I'm assuming that you know how to mix the clarified butter, lemon juice and the hot sauce that will be used for the basting.” She nodded and he continued. “After basting, you place the tails about six to nine inches away from the broiler, but that depends how well you want it done and the size of the tails. You have to broil them for approximately three to four minutes. But that also has a lot to do with the size, oven and the distance from the heating mechanism.”

“Whoa.” She watched him place two lobster tails in the broiler, in a position deemed right by him. “I have to write this stuff down.”

“I'm not repeating myself. You know, my time is valuable. But I love you, that's why I'll give you my notes on it.” He winced as she screeched and covered her mouth promptly. “Georgia? Behave, we're at work remember?”

“I'm sorry, I'm sorry! Thank you chef. Thanks so much!” She yelled-whispered and hugged him on his side.

“You're welcome. Please make sure the orders are being handled, I'm going outside for a minute.”

“Yes Chef.”

The air outside the kitchen was cooler and more relaxing as he walked up the hallway. He'd been working for half a day, and for the first time in three weeks, he was taking his one hour for lunch.

Demi wanted to talk to him about something so she suggested that they meet at where he worked. He had fifteen minutes before the time that they agreed to meet so he wanted to speak with Michaela for a while.

“Holden. May I speak with you?”

Or not.

He turned around to see Amine at the end of the hallway, beckoning to him.

“Um.. Okay, sure.”

They went into his office and Sam sat down but Amine couldn't stop pacing. Sam raised a brow but said nothing, bouncing the soles of his shoes against the floor.

“Listen, I.. I know you don't like me very much and that's fine. I'm not very fond of you either.”

Sam barked out a laugh and gave him a thumbs up. “We understand each other.”

“This is business unrelated. It's about.. Michaela.”

“And? What about her?”

He sighed and sat down behind his desk. “I’m in love with her.”

“What does that have to do with me?”

Sam knew that he wanted to say more but his status was preventing his speech.


“She's not talking to me. I've tried everything and I don't know what else to do.”

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