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The world is a complex

We wus lookin' for love

I was just one of those people

Didn't even believe in true love

Just said I wanted to be in love like a habit

But I found myself

The whole new myself

I'm confused too, which one's the real me?

Did you figure out that I'm a book after I met you?

Or did you turn my page?


Anyway, I wanna be the best man for you

Of course, you're the world to me

When you said you wanted to die with me

I promised to be the man you want, God I swore to myself

So many complex

But I'm lookin' for love

I don't care if it's a fake me, if you hold me

You're my beginning and my end

So you finish me


That marks the end of this book! Thank you so much for supporting this story. I really enjoyed writing it although I wasn't able to update it as frequently as I can. uWu

The song written in this epilogue is RM's part of Outro: Her in their Love Yourself: Her album. I hereby acknowledge that I don't own any of the words written but to BTS' only.

Thank you again and stand by for my next book! It will be Jin's this time. *wink wink*

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