Thirteen; Going Home

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After carrying me around for a few minutes, she put me back onto the desk, and kissed me kindly. She finished changing me and put a fresh diapee on.

"You are such a good girl." She kissed my cheek and lifted me back up. "How about your bottle now, baby?" I nodded. She sat up back down in the rocking chair and put the tip of the bottle in my mouth. I think it was orange juice this time. She rubbed my tummy, and watched me drink it all.

"Are you about ready to go home, beautiful?" I felt a few tears sink down my face. I knew that I couldn't stay here forever. That didn't mean that I didn't want to.

"Hey, what's the matter, pretty girl?"

"I-I don't want to l-leave y-yoouuuu." I cried out and she made a confused face. She laughed lightly.

"No, cutie pie, you get to come to my house with me. Don't you remember?" I mouth formed into a client squeal and I hugged mommy super tightly.

"Silly girl, someone is quite excited." I giggled.

"I'm about ready if you are. I'm missing my puppy pretty badly."

"Puppy!" She laughed. Next, she slipped cute pink dress over my head and carried me out to a car. She put me in the passenger seat and buckled me in. After we started driving off, she turned on the radio quietly. I eventually drifted off against the window.


Jessica's POV

I pulled into a McDonald's drive through and lightly shook her thigh.

"What do you want to eat, Soph?"  She shook her head to wake herself.

"Ummmmm." She dragged out, cutely. "Happy meal!" She yelled, then giggled. I lightly slapped her thigh to warm her to stop yelling. She pouted for a few seconds, but  gasped when I let my hand rest on her crotch. Well, I say rest there, but I was pressing down just enough for her to feel it. I want her to be horny when I get her home. I ordered our food and let my hand shit every few words. After we pulled away from the menu she whimpered.

"Mommy, stop itttttt." She was forcing the words out.

"Aww, but why? We are having so much fun." I pinched her leg and left her be while I got the food. I purposely sat the warm bag in the back seat and put my hand back over her.

"M-Mommy quit it." She stuttered out.

"Do you really want me to just leave you so hot and wet?" I heard her moan slightly and try to cover it with a yawn.

"I guess since you're so sleepy, I'll just-" She cut me off.

"No! Mommy pleeeeaase." I knew how bad she wanted it, and we were almost home. When I knew that I wouldn't have enough time to do much, I slipped my hand into the bottom of her dress. I knew that my hands were cold, which probably didn't help her situation. When we got home I carried her through my living room, down the hall, and to my room, and put her on the changing table. I cleaned her up, careful not to cause any pleasure to her dripping form.

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