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Namjoon's POV

I couldn't believe it.

She rejected my apology directly.

"Why?" I asked in a worried tone, holding the cup handle tighter than before. 

I could have broken it if Mayu hadn't said what she has to say. "Because I have already forgiven you a long time ago." She had a warm smile on her face which made my heart melt.

Gulping, I clasp my hands together, "How..How could you do it so easily? I made you leave and I got mad at you.."

"It's not your fault. It was your past's fault that made you that way. You haven't moved on from the bad memories you had at that lake." Mayu stared at her lap for the time being while explaining her thoughts.

It was unusual for her to try and understand me. I thought that she was still the immature and childish girl that I found at the snow pile. "I...uh..thank you. That means so much to me."

I couldn't find the world to be grateful for her actions and understanding in my situation.

"You know what.." She started saying, before meeting my eyes. "I forgot to tell you something during your birthday. But now, I'm thankful that it waited because it would probably be weird if I told you before."

My brow was raised, "What is it?"

"I loved you, Namjoon."

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